Football's Greatest Club Teams Barcelona

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Football’s Greatest Club Teams — TV series from channel “SPORT DIGITAL HD” about best club teams of any time. There were 16 episodes in total:
1.Ajax 2.Benfica 3.Nottingham forest 4.Bayern Munchen 5.Real Madrid 1954-1966 6.Real Madrid 1966-2003 7.Liverpool 8.Chelsea 9.Juventus 10.Manchester United 11.Arsenal 12.Barcelona 13.AC.Milan 14.Celtic 15.Red Star Belgrade 16.Santos


Ray Indra says:

They learned a lot from Ajax

Grt124 Z says:

You had me at Johan Creuff

Legend of Nibbaheem says:

Someone show this video to Valverde

Legend of Nibbaheem says:

Valverde Out

Ahmed Essam says:

It was a miracle to get that team they were monsters and unbeatable

Bywy jimma says:

Barcelona 2011 is one of the best club sides ever

strangetranceoffaith says:

What a joke this series is Barcelona definitely deserve this title but how they can make the series and not include liverpool is ridiculous. A team that dominated Europe for a generation and yet Arsenal are one of the teams they pick who barely have European titles.

MrKiljeaden89 says:

Ah what a bight it was for chelsea fans in 2009 :D…

Shaun Taylor says:

Barca buying policy is a bit hit and miss Coutinho, Malcolm, how to replace Messi.

Shaun Taylor says:

Cruyff yes Mourinho no.

Smárt Hùńgyø says:

I’m a Barca fan and I find Madrid winning 3 UCL in 4 years disturbing.

Vuksa Z says:

Fc Uefalona 2009, 2015

Wayne Cockerham says:

i love how they hardly mention the impact of eto

Nate Diaz says:

Now losser team..shit valverde

2Anunnaki says:

La infame semifinal del partido Chelsea vs Barcelona Champions League en 2009 fue una visión clara de los arreglos / aparejos de la UEFA para que todos lo vean. Absolutamente asqueroso más allá de la creencia. Solo un tonto no pudo verlo por lo que realmente es, pura y absoluta falta de honradez, el equipo mejor en la noche derrotó al Barcelona y lo hizo por la decisión despreciable del oficial del partido. El arreglo de partidos abunda en la UEFA, por lo que no tengo absolutamente ninguna duda, si alguien duda de esto, necesita que les examinen la cabeza o que se laven la caca de los ojos. Como Didier Drogba, del Chelsea, con razón dijo: "¡¡"ES UNA JODIDA DESGRACIA!!" El noruego Tom Henning Ovrebo, el oficial de la noche rechazó no uno, ni dos, ni tres, sino CUATRO apelaciones muy claro de penaltes del Chelsea en la noche, la más polémica una falta de Dani Alves sobre Florent Malouda en el área de penalización que dio lugar a un libre – patear fuera de la caja, en lugar de una patada. También rechazó las apelaciones de penalización para el balonmano contra Samuel Eto'o y Gerard Pique, que eran CLARAMENTE situaciones de balonmano. Mucho más tarde, el árbitro Ovrebo admitió que "cometió errores" durante la tan infame semifinal de la Champions League en Stamford Bridge. Esto NO fue una admisión por parte del arrepentido árbitro Henning Ovrebo, esto es un encubrimiento flagrante para los torcidos bufones de la UEFA que lo instruyeron para que no tomara decisiones importantes en el camino de Chelsea en la noche, básicamente se llevó la mala suerte. La razón de este absurdo: la UEFA no quería ver a dos equipos ingleses jugando en la final en el Stadio Olimpico en Roma, Italia. También obtuvieron el deseo (giro de dinero): una final de MESSI vs CRISTIANO RONALDO que creían que aumentaría los videos de TV. ¡Esto fue un hecho y lo saben!

The infamous Chelsea vs Barcelona Champions League match semi-final in 2009 was a clear view of UEFA match fixing/rigging for all to see. Absolutely DISGUSTING beyond belief. Only a fool couldn't see it for what it truly is, pure and utter dishonesty, Barcelona were well and truly beaten by the better team on the night but for despicable decisions by the match official. Match fixing is rife at UEFA, for this I have absolutely NO DOUBT, if anyone doubts this they need their heads examined, or they need to wash the sh*t out of their eyes. As Chelsea's Didier Drogba rightly said "It's a F*CKING DISGRACE!!" Norwegian Tom Henning Ovrebo, the official on the night turned down not one, not two, not three, but FOUR CLEAR Chelsea penalty appeals on the night, the most contentious a Dani Alves foul on Florent Malouda in the penalty area which resulted in a free-kick outside the box, rather than a spot-kick. He also turned down penalty appeals for handball against Samuel Eto'o and Gerard Pique which were CLEARLY handball situations. Much later referee Ovrebo admitted "making mistakes" during that ever so infamous Champions League semi-final night at Stamford Bridge. This was NOT an admission by dodgy referee Henning Ovrebo, this is a blatant cover up for the crooked UEFA buffoons who instructed him to not give important decisions Chelsea's way on the night, basically he took the flack. The reason for this absurdity: UEFA DIDN'T want to see two English teams play in the final at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy. They also got there (money spinning) wish: a MESSI vs CRISTIANO RONALDO final which they believed would increase TV viewings. This was a FACT and they know it!!


Footballs greatest club teams : MESSI

Max UFO says:

I think barcelona is best team in history winning sextuple 2 times is impossible !

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