ESPN FC | Craig Burley STUNNED by Barcelona def. Atletico Madrid 2-0; Lionel Messi: Goal (86')

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ESPN FC | Craig Burley STUNNED by Barcelona def. Atletico Madrid 2-0; Lionel Messi: Goal (86′)


Hollowfy God says:

If messi did win the world cup in 2014 ronaldo career would be over

Junaid Desai says:

Messi about to walk some goals in against Man Utd

Christopher Yllescas says:

It was Barcelona vs. Oblak 🙂

elcubanito1990 says:

Do most of you even watch the games? You guys look dumb commenting when you’re clearly watching highlights. Saying crap like Suarez isn’t selfish, or that Oblack is the greatest keeper when he literally had every shot hit straight at him.

Jonathan T says:

“Didn’t put up much of a fight”. That is seriously harsh. Actually it’s just wrong. I know Dan Thomas only watches games where something is happening every 30 seconds because he has the attention span of a chimp but if you watched that game Atleti were pretty dominant apart from the odd burst from Messi.

Sinbad 87 says:

Pornhub will broadcast the match

Paolo Bianchi says:

man city is not winning the champions league…guaranteed

Legend of Nibbaheem says:

We have the greatest defender Gerard Pique ???

الوادي الأخضر says:

Fifa voted Messi 5th In the World they made him little angry and now he’s showing them who’s the real master of the world

int 98 says:

Messi walk morerhen any player in world his still the best

LipJobby says:

These guys are clowns. No offence but they still mention when Messi is walking and when he “turns it on”. They clearly don’t know shit about tactics or how Barcelona play. They always mention their “bad defence” when anyone who plays in the opposition third is going to get hit on the counter.

umer khan says:

Debate over Messi is far better than ronaldo.

G P says:

AM played a better before Costa came back from Chelsea.

Abcdefghij 123456789 says:

Eaay messi>>>>>penaldo

Chang-Jung Karki says:

Oblak was outstanding last night. However Suarez and Messi got through him at the end. What a match we had

Martin Rosario says:

here come the Stans saying messi goat bullshit lol they beat a 10 man team at the last moments y'all delusional

hoosain Ebrahim says:

City don't have a better squad; they have a more tactically astute coach who uses his squad more effectively.

enrique haywood says:

No one defender can stop messi it need the whole man united team to stop messi

NasIsLike says:

Aw cmon dude, you left out the best part at the end..

vipul netam says:

man utd have potential up front and pace to def barca…

Jc grant-stuart says:

Stunned by beating a 10 man team………. Smh

Nana kusi says:

Hope you guys eating your humble pie for rein on Suarez

Putin The Great says:

Best job in the world!! Watching all top football league's and coming to office to talk abouit all day!!!

H8erade9 says:


Farhan Swaggy says:

What the fuck did Diego Costa told to that free.

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