ESPN FC | Villarreal vs Barcelona draw 4-4 Post Match Analysis; Messi: Goal (90'); Suarez: (90'+3)

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ESPN FC | Villarreal vs Barcelona draw 4-4 Post Match Analysis; Messi: Goald (90′); Suarez: (90’+3)


Champions League says:

Suffered 4 goals even facing Villarreal…Bye Bye UCL

Pro Gamer says:

Barca didn't offer much without messi? Ffs those 2 goals were you think scored by the ghost of messi? This is stupid, barca has a serious defense problem, in the middle of the park they used to take the ball back with ease now, they have to stretch way back and try to block the shots instead of taking the ball back, clearly the cb need to toughen up

vihoto wozah says:

Barca had Messi as a captain..
Messi is a king of football..
He is a Goat of a football..
All the credit goes to Messi??
Gracia Messi

Dratv Drammeh says:

Fuck stupid Italians. …so fucking racist. Bastard

Rishi Gupta says:

Tbh, Barca missed pique more than Messi in the match. Had pique been there, 4 goals from Villarreal were impossible. But pique deserves the rest!

Robert says:

Once again these donkeys don't know what they're talking about Barcelona. Saying it's not just about one player as they named him it's about the team. that team effort and the combination of Suarez Messi unbelievable but let's listen to these joker that have been wrong again and again almost racist bunch of people and we know why the history of one player just eats them up.

Salim Huerta says:

Shaka is such a bitch who can suck Pele’s dick

Anna Moshkanbarians says:

there are no excuses for racism.teams need to react better.if I was a Juve player I'd walk out,3 points is nothing when it comes to being a decent human being

Saint Rich says:

We drew the game that's understandable, imagine Barcelona played with their gala 11 Villarreal would've been roared to dust

Sterling Marshel says:

Italians have always been racist – that's why their league will never be a big league for the masses but they don't care

Chidera Ogbu says:

As a Barca fan. I have to praise villareal…they played out their souls and deserve the point earned.

TheMihig says:

Team played at 50% and with a terrible defence, these ESPN haters should chill a bit.

Ackel Webb says:

People need to stop this nosice about Baca is nothing without Messi.. We scored 2 goals with out leo on the feal. An if PC did score his chance Leo would probably be off. An to point another view we was not bad. This team shows they can play under pressure an overcome

Jack Travis says:

umtiti was worse than lenglet

MMunstoppable03 says:

They scored 2 goals in 5 minutes then Coutinho could of made it 3-0 if our defense played even slightly better we would be having a completely different conversation

godlove guildo says:



I can’t picture Barcelona without Messi. They better act quick because Messi’s days with the team are numbered!!

Otumfour Kojo Agyemang!!!

David Ortiz says:

I completely agree w/Leonardo Bonucci (does a name get more Italian than this?). 50/50. You went to bother the opposing side fans after scoring, which is ok, but then the opposing fan base decide to rip you a new one w/racist screams. That’s life. Stop being a baby like the President of Cagliari said, stop being a drama queen after the match. Are we surprised Italians are racist? Really? United States citizens are just as racist. Is anyone surprised by that? And then throw in sports, & fan bases get nasty. Fahgetta bout it. Stop being sissies & play football, shut up.

umer khan says:

This is barca without Messi. Greatest of all time.

culė72 cat says:

This not much Barcelona without messi put 3 up your Real Madrid in the bernabeu with messi on the bench

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