Jeison Murillo ● Welcome to Barcelona ● Defensive Skills & Goals ??

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SportVideosMM says:

Is that a good move for Jeison Murillo? Comment below ?

Stephanos Parcci says:

Welcome to the greatest club on this planet FCBARCELONA ??

Maria Lima says:

Salve Brasil ????

Alex D says:

Bueno, bonito, barato

X- ray says:

an average defender
He is too risky with his challenges
Also, he is not good in defense positioning

박찬진 says:

Is he striker? This video has many overhead kicks and nice goals lol

MM9 PRO HDI says:

Hope he doesnt end up like Yerry Mina!

The Goalkeppers says:

He looked like a goalkeeper Júlio César

BlackN Yellow says:

Not good enough for barca.

Imstupid 000111 says:

Just realized that Murillo can score better goals than lukaku, morata, alexis these days

Juan Cuadrado¡11xTM says:

i hope it´s not similar case likes Yerry Mina
Come on Colombia!!!

Yu Lin says:

His bravery is an advantage but needs to be smart in defence on some occasions.

Kevin Alzate says:

He’ll bench pique ??? ????????

ROBLECK Kreck says:

un defensor muy veloz

Zwei 25 says:

Great business by Barca
Solid back up Centre Back

Ghulam Hussain says:

15th comment

Aldonis Ambel says:

Good CB wil help barca rest pique more

SMF Footballvideo says:

Great video . And great transfer for barca . Bro make a video of hakim ziyech

said xd says:

So nice skill wow

Marni Etn says:

Who elsë clicked as søøn as they got the notificatioñ ?! ?-BUT MI ACTUALLY SUBBING TO EVERYONE WHO LIKES THIS AN $UBBING TO ME!?

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