?0-3! El Clasico 2017!? Real Madrid vs Barcelona (Parody Goals and Highlights Song)

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Suarez, Messi and Vidal destroy Real Madrid!
Carvajal handball, Ramos slap, Ronaldo fail and more!
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Guille CollierCarr says:

Carvajal thought it was good Christmas card ????

Jack Westgarth says:

Suarez Messi neymar where Apolling

Jack Westgarth says:

Barcelona were appalling Ronaldo kits one at messi's head real Madrid were better and one message for Japan if you're watching this iniesta does not show love for the game

Cristiano Ronaldo says:

I’m disliking


Where's neymar

Caio Oliveira says:

Who's here after Barcelona won the 6th Champions League title against Juventus and Ronaldo ?

Mateo Jakupec says:

Im dont like Barcelona im like Liverpol

Urban madness Comedy says:

Who's the 3rd person with Messi & Suarez?

Liam Soto says:

3-0 Madrid wor crap

Alessandri Tosadori says:

Boh… comunque forza milan

Dylan Johnston says:

Is anybody watching this in twenty 19

Joshua Webb says:

Harrykanespurs4. 3

Jack Harwood says:

MESSI by far

john Paul says:

Jordan Pickford

Liz Sykes says:

who is here after 1-4 Ajax?

Спайк Ахатов says:


Carly Dan you are the best youtuber Stones says:

Messi is the best player

Looty Yaris says:

Teeth Solo!!!

Messi Fan says:

Bro this made me laugh so so so so hardddddd

Arjeta Jashari says:


Kyle Stocktom says:

Ron messi shit

Joanna Rogers says:

Messi is the best

Palasten Zaid says:

3-0. 2019??

messi football from the moment says:

Messi is the best player in the world

Sonia Tenezaca says:

Who is here after 3-0 Copa de Rey ???

Duraid Elias says:

Come I going to eat you

Messi from Arg

Ramos never herd of him that is why I whant to bite him because he is a poop defender

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