???2-2 EL CLASICO: KUNG-FU FIGHTING!??? (Barcelona vs Real Madrid parody song highlights goals 2018)

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Messi, Suarez, Ronaldo and Bale score as Roberto goes loco and fists Marcelo!
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Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2-2, 2018 La Liga

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Hassan Mohsen says:

Real had a pen and Messi's goal shouldn't be scored because Suarez fouled Varane

Youssef Abarchan says:


Y'tesss says:

C'est n'importe quoi ??

Gaming with Abtin says:

El classssiiiiiiiiico see wat i did there

Fatima Hassan says:

Is it m-e-r-c-y not messi

Bakul Wahid says:

Cewi suarez?

احمد طار says:



Real fans =LIKE Barça FANS comments

Eissa Alrashdi says:

Y u dont put denis surez

More Wefercen says:

I like how Navas was on fire but when Messi scored Navas was embarrassed ? in 0:30

Coolguy 08 says:

I rate the game 4 but the video 100 and it was out of 5 …

Ayad Rahman Adib says:

I like barca but Messi is best captain in the wold ramos is the worst captain ever??????????? ha ha ha ha

Frederico Barreto says:

I can't stop se this

Arjeta Jashari says:


Xirolek says:

Super is this

kiril paciorek says:

nice game but boring

BIlly the Toaster says:

Wheres paul scholes he could of killed everyone

Юнис [_YUNIS_] says:

This is a Kung fu ?.

Raj Muppalla says:

“Bale scored with expert timing” that is the most praise Ronaldo will ever give Bale lol

Hussain Qasim says:

Moae Kin of

Azmat Hussain says:

Ronaldo's is the best player in the world

Bill Herd says:

So penalty kick for marcelo

Raphael Neves says:

Minecraft cr7

Leonel Gorritti says:

godd videos

Nika Nasaridze says:

Admit it, Jordi Alba finally deserves a better face!

LEᗰon says:

After Ronaldo scores Pique slides and rips his foot our of his body.

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