Barcelona Theme – Entrance Song

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Gamio says:

Im almost 8 years late….

tom giladi says:

barcelona are the best

breathewhites says:

Real Madrid are the best

Adam Ali says:

Manchester United is the besr team then west brom

lee Jianwei says:

Barcelona is always in my heart!!

Lizzy Messi says:

I remember blasting the song in my car on the way to work after the most recent clasico! <3

taher saidane says:

i cried hard after i heard this song after bayern match i loved barça more and more and more not like those plastic fans

taher saidane says:

i feel chills in my skin when i hear this lovely song because i am a real barça fan like if you are too 🙂

ShinNy40 says:

2-1, visca barca !

Adam Karolia says:

Stop living off past results, madrid beat u guys 11-1 but we don't constantly sing about it the away u freaks do

Phichai Mekkluan says:

barca 6-2 at fuking Bernabéu dont forget that

Fishermansfriendz says:

Saw Barca-Ajax in the stadium today!

Carl Owen says:

lol look at puyol

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