Peter Drury With The Best Roma Vs Barcelona Commentary

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Sharif Muniir says:

Iniesta doesn't know where to look

Anthony Uccello says:

I cried that night

Mario I/O says:

And this video proves that a commentator can be a poet.

Ashraf Siraju says:


MrViperBG says:

"This was not meant to happen. This could not happen. This IS happening."

Royalty Kingsley Oxford says:

World best football commentator #PeterDrury. Thanks for making football more entertaining. YNWA

Agazuma Chester says:

How many people hear this word from Peter drury, The Greek Goal In Rome

Agazuma Chester says:

This was not meant to happen but this is happening, Peter drury you are a comedian you always make me to laugh in any of commentry

Agazuma Chester says:

Iniesta does not know where to look to

Liberty Chindova says:

Drury the best commentator ever

Koshy Daniel says:

This man….Goosebumps !

I edited my name says:

This thing still gives me chills. My god.

Legend Rid says:

Peter dury just made e it more special
The best commentator

Sarun Ghimire says:

He's a blessing ❤

onlyweatherlol93 says:

GOAT commentator

T Simkhada says:

Best commentator ever. Last night in world cup. It was breathtaking from him. His commentary makes match more interesting.

Kyle Smith says:

Get this guy to WWE

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