FC Barcelona’s TOP 10 funny moments (season 2016/17)

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Training ground comedy, the making of the Christmas video, Umtiti and Digne’s quiz, the Barça Emojis with various players… and more.
Take a look at the following video which captures the funniest moments of the campaign. Neymar Jr, Gerard Piqué, Samuel Umtiti and Rafinha Alcántara are just some of the stars of the video. Which was your favourite moment? Watch the video and choose.
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Eddy Gamer says:

Hola Barcelona quisiera ser un profesional

Wilson Ventura says:

0:33 ???

memo m says:

برشلونه تاج علئ الراس ول يحجي اكص لسانه

Vibol Poipet says:


Oskar Ende says:

Fucking Barca

Oskar Ende says:

Real is best Barca bad

ツRoy says:

fuck barca?????????

Vjstar123 says:

Hi I am a smalll youtuber subscribe to my channel Pls ull find find Barca vs -many matches

Edmar CONTINUO says:

Pedrinho do Corinthians novo Neimar

Vandana Tiwari says:

That's one of the reason why i love barca. The moto fits well MES QUE UN CLUB that is more than a club. Jordi alba once said that we are a band of brothers

YASSER 19 says:

fun journey!!

Ricardo Ramirez says:


It's pippo says:

Barca is the best team in the world??????

Juampi YT says:


Ezdehar Badarneh says:

hermoso barça

Theo Sudono says:

Yeah we were completely a joke last season. Especially our midfield.

ps4 gamer Monkey-de-luffy7 says:

I love Barcelona and we all do Barcelona I know we can win evrything now good luck barca

Kashish says:


Fraynner Daniel says:

El mejor equipo del mundooo

Simon Lund Adsersen says:

<3 <3 <3

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