Barcelona Vs Valencia 1-2 ● Neymar Fight Vs Valencia Players ● 2016 ● HD

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Barcelona vs Valencia 1-2 RESUMEN GOLES All Goals & Highlights 17.04.2016


RiceGum PewDiePie says:

My favorite Neymar hairstyle

Ethan fc yo says:

neymar is sick

Fernando Venegas says:

que asco de partido

Nihat Sabirli says:

neymar barselonadan cıxsa poxdu

Legendary says:


Cazzate Enormi says:

solito senzapalle ..scappa come sempre

Sub Zer0 says:

Barca was a bad career move for him as they always do dodgy transfer deals. He owes brazil €45m in taxes he's not payed and they've taken his private jet, boat, car etc. Ofc he's mad as hell. Should have gone to Madrid or England.

Ahmed Alhelabi says:

I hate this arrogant cunt

João Vitor says:

hahaha loser

Oscar Meneces says:

jahahahahhahhahahhahhaha … Gaymar

RaTi says:

hijo de puta

Łimbø says:

Nothing serious, in football these kind of things happen almost every match.Its called frustration idiots!



indra Gintenk says:


Tendinitis says:

doing too much neymar like usual

Diegonee correa says:

neymar nunca a sabido perder ese qliaito muy agrandado

Johny Bravo says:

She's a hopeless spoiled brat and she deserves an Oscar Academy Award for being moronic; but when thing is hot she succumbs, I remember her face full of fear when Bacca fixed his back… what a gilipollas.
Vamos Colchoneros!

Wiz Taylor says:

Barcelona is a winning team they lost 4 matches won alot ungrateful so called barca fans talking about barcelona is the worst time and crap you ain't day one fans you win some you fucking lose some you nigga ain't shit wish i was there to hit a mother fucker in his face this is coming all the way for Jamaica you heard we are not afraid of anybody it's all about the game you win some you lose some shut the fuck up with your negative energy fuck niggas

Shan Rao says:

Neymar is just frustrated that he has no goals for a months and there is no more attention for him at the moment so thaty why he is acting like a big thug, that son of a gun who does he think he is ,that pussy is just a small piece of dancing shit.

Nagato Uzumaki says:

he was diving the whole match..

Laquinta Barreto says:

fuck you neymar

Lionel suarez says:

neymar de best

I'm Abtahy says:

doesn't seem like a slap if u look at it, the Valencia player overreacted in my opinion… but those who are swearing at neymar should remember Ramos and cristiano too who did worse things.. compared to that this(if neymar actually slapped) is nothing

mr lee says:

Neymar seems like Justin Bieber

Musab Omar says:

champions league gone.
La liga is gone too
copa del rey gone as well.
Barcelona's code is cracked by everyone.

carlos zaragoza says:

neymar es niña maricona

Monsterrr ATLETIII Fan09 says:

And people say our players tried to pick on Neymar first

bhutecks beckz says:


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