This Is Why Lionel Messi Is The Best Player Of The Season 2018/19 – HD

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Lionel Messi is the best dribbler, the best goalscorer, the best playmaker and the best assist provider of the season 2018/19. To say it short: he is by the best player of the season!
His magical performances have been crucial that he & FC Barcelona are still in the race for all three titles. Let’s hope for the best!


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MagicalMessi – as magical as Messi


MagicalMessi says:

the best goalscorer + the best dribbler + the best playmaker + the best assist provider = the best player

simply maths by Lionel Messi

gherrrie says:

? Hudson … "Messi could follow you into a revolving door and still come out first" … ?
That is priceless.
Husdon could very well be the Messi of commentators.

Abey Abraham says:

There are so many world class player around the world till this date. But no one can reach messi class.

Kabelo Ntsala says:

Name of the song that was playing for the top goal scorer section please!!???

Lion Heart says:

played every attacking role in,7,8,9,10,11…great understanding, high football IQ..what a player..I'm not saying that Ronaldo is bad at what he does..but god, Messi is the most mesmerising player to ever grace the game…yeah I do not like him at first during 08,09 because I thought he just plays good because of his teammates..but he proved all the people wrong when the longevity of his playstyle and rarely complaint plus with an amazing attitude off the pitch…he simply the best

Mohd Haroon says:

all goals are by luck

Mohd Haroon says:

even Neymar is better than him

Young Gunz says:

God’s other special son, his beloved, …the profesional footballer.

aaron garcia says:

Imagine one year of highlights looking better than a whole career highlights of most players.

kaan_ e16 says:

6:31 Chewbacca confirmed

Raj Shah says:

can u suggest from where do u get all the clips of football in HD?

TheMGR 10 says:

is the best player in the history

abdi shekhey says:

Sir Alex Ferguson once said Give me 10 players even if they are not good players i will only need In there Messi

Basty Cala says:

Messi. Vs manchester. United

Frank Cobbs says:

Damn…That was awesome.

Noa Luyet says:

He never gets old

Screw says:

Still messi

C Gedom says:

You know where this song came for

Baris Arslan says:

Triple loading…

Legion Gaming says:

Messi and ronaldo are reallyy good, ronaldo wasn’t born with the magic of footbal, messi did. Ronaldo learned to play to play the game, he’s a hard worker and ronaldo doesn’t give up, messi can’t play with people his level for instance argentina. Ronaldo never gave up even when everyone doubted him. I think their both really good players but ronaldo’s a harder worker no disrespect for messi

Tinotenda Masiya says:

.. he is just gud….u cannot describe him….too gud ….?

jonne j says:

Cristiano Ronaldo is great player, but Lionel Messi is Greatest of all time. Like if u agree.

Dominique Montano says:

Forever GOAT???

Rashid Lim says:


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