Fc Barcelona Vs Tottenham Expend Highlights | 2018 | HD

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SSAS 10 says:

Don't Forget To Suscribe
Like Target 1k +

Kirdy Axl__ says:

barcelona emg mngerikan, tp untuk thn ni gw dukung CR7 brsama juve ..

Didier Alexander Calderón Toscano says:

Golazo de rakitic xd

23no1978 says:

Like si quieres la 14 champions para el madrid.

Purrete says:

SSAS you are an idiot for misleading the viewers !! This is not the game of Dec/11/2018 you jackass !!!! ——- NO SUBSCRIBE !!!!!!!!!!!!! ——– NO LIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E. Navag says:

Lloris, WTF? xD

CR7 fútbol 11 says:

Coutinho el mejor jugador del mundo like si te gusta cuando juega

anamul kutil says:

Really really and really I'm fuck Barcelona player im fuck you,,, I'm fuck Barcelona player,,, really i'm fuck you,,, I'm fuck your mother sister,,,, I'm fuck Miss i fuck you miss,,,, any Club don't take Argentina football player,,,, don't to take,,, I'm fuck Barcelona player mother sister fuck your dotoer mother fucker,,,

Best collection says:

Expecting same thing today

Roberto Carlos Gonzalez Monroy says:


PixelJinx Gamer says:

Where is Tottenham’s 2nd goal?

Diki Pratama chanels says:

Indonesia mana like nya

Safeer Abbas Shah says:


David Ogah says:

Barcelona vs RMA dri

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