Lionel Messi Training – Motivation ● Mentality Of A Winner

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Lionel Messi always works on himself. The guy who won 5 ballon d’ors, he still works on himself to get better. He has suffered a lot of pain as a footballer, mentally and physically. He keeps going, he is always in form, in better shape than before. The foundation behind this video, is the recent revealing of Messi’s physical performance being his best ever according to his GPS.

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⬛ A BIG thanks to Raheem Comps, MNcompsJR, LionelMessi10i, IramMessiTV, SH10Comps, UCCEV Comps and Kyliann22 for the footage i use. The best match-comp makers of Messi. Go check them out!

► L e o M e s s i F o o t b a l l – P r o d.


Prime Line says:

I see n feel the thought in the movement to separate from the player when exploding the opposite way arms feel long taking two or three strides just toget going ifeel slow geting up to wat im use to. Mental thing?

birkaran gill says:

There was no training , the kind that I wanted to see.

Deepta Sapkota says:

Messi king of football

Cheick Doumbia says:

messi y a pas deux, joueurs plus fort que lui.??⚽⚽

Ashwarya Selsurekar says:


kuttappan pilla mattan says:

4:02 love that moment???

EnchantedDOG says:

Even 500 years later no one will be as good as Messi

Maria Abdirahman says:

None is better than messi❤❤❤???

runfa ma says:

Love the video but the background speech is very annoying

Kiki Pamulang says:

Ayo. Messi km bisa juara

Tanvir Mahamud says:


Rachad Salloum says:

Messi from another world

Nurbakyt Suranov says:

Месси великий игрок

Leo Leo says:


love yourself says:

love u boss???

Rupak Koirala says:

How many of us gave 100% attention to video and 0% attention to motivation speech?

Rimboch Antony says:

Messi Messi Messi??is the best king Lion of ⚽⚽⚽

Semere Snkey says:

Please don't compare him,don't try to describe messi just watch him

Adnan Abraham says:

Love how u show messi doing a set during training and initiating that during game

Meraj Alam says:

Bhai mujhe number chahiya apka

Reginaldo Mendes De Lara says:

Monstro sagrado.

Dayananda Heigrujam says:


Abinash Raut says:

Champion always champion….messi better than ronaldo….love you messi

FuttsHero says:

What's background inspection sound?

Aris joker says:

i like messi


The thing that possessed Messi is a ghost that is seeking redemption

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