Real Madrid, Barcelona And PSG To BATTLE Over £200M Mohamed Salah?! | Transfer Talk

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Liverpool are desperate to keep hold of their Egyptian King… but can they fend off the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona if they come knocking with £200M?

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Football Daily says:

Mohamed Salah to Barca for £200M…. imagine!

Naser Naser says:

Come to madrid where Mbappe Hazard Neymar all in Madrid imagine that

Edward Crowley says:

Why on Earth would Salah want to leave the Premier league, the best league in the world, being at the top of the League with Liverpool, go to and join a shite Real Madrid team who'll barely finish in the top 4 in the shittist Euro league. Let alone PSG, I mean c'mon, why would you want to play anywhere other than the premier league this season. look how exciting the prem is this season. Merson needs to shut his drunk mouth!

spectrum says:

"Ronaldo not moving anytime soon" one word juventis

Deborah Jane Lindenberg says:

PLEASE live mo salah in LIVERPOOL he is happy there and he became lucky and famous in LIVERPOOL team.dont sale mo Salah LIVERPOOL he made ur team rise again LIVERPOOL BECAME famous again because of mo Salah??✌✌✌

SARFARAZ Joomun says:

Salah stay in liverpool

EJ Estonactoc says:

He just signed a new contract and snubbed both Real Madrid and barcelona

Alex Jimenez says:

I am loving the thumbnail

Leo Issac says:

Mo Salah currently cost more he will stay in Liverpool, for he is not for sale.

Kawan FF says:

Cristiano Ronaldo, Salah ,Neymar.?

Stockyy says:

Salah is kinda overrated in my opinion. Nobody cared about him when he was at Roma. 200M is way to much, he would end up a shadow.

O M G says:

As he's de only electrician cast spelling magician who will not miss to make barca weep at elclassico

O M G says:

Salah is 450million

Joe Stockton says:

Salah isn't going to leave LFC anytime soon buddy!

L Lawliet says:

Liverpool you got a strong team don't sell any player

Andro meda says:

Salah doesnt fit in a poor funded club like liverpool.come to madrid we will give you luxury villas with lambo and porsche inside

ray bastian says:

no no no don't sale mo.salah

David C says:

Liverpool is a sleeping giant. They literally have 5 European trophies lol

I'd say that Salah stays just to spice up the CL a little more. I'm tired of Madrid, Barca and Munich dominating

kaziabir1 says:

lmao this channel is pure shit when you see stupid fake stuff like this created just to steer up reactions. This is based on pure fantasy.

Thraitor says:

Lol salah isnt leaving yet im sure

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