Fifa 15 | Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona – El Clasico | FULL Gameplay | by PatrickHDxGaming

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PS: The game was not 100% final! Some ratings may could change and goalkeepers will be also improved a bit!


M Mehdi says:

Fifa 15 was one of the best Fifas !!!

Amr of Steel says:

lol i love how the comment section is full of ratty barking pessi fans

Cristiano Das says:

You have better commentary than boring Martin Tyler.

Thabang Chokoe says:

This game is shit

Ankit Pradhan says:

first of all no one told you to commentate

Louay Bouda says:

Who cam from 2019

Khalid Mahmood says:

FIFA 15 is not working in my pc

soubarno chowdhury says:

Barcelona always wins and is the best team in the universe 🙂

jonathan paul says:

Real Madrid is cool

Pro gamer says:

Which game should I buy FIFA 15 or fifa16,17,18? In 2018 suggest me please pro

Amaya Satterfield says:

I'm use bacelona team

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