Look At These Goals by BARCA in 2019 ● Too Good for Other Teams ||HD||

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FC Barcelona with the Best Goals Scored in 2019 Season So Far ||


Messi Magic™ says:

They Deserve Another Treble

Abdalla Khalifa says:

Is it only me, Or barca has scored too many long shots( outside the box)?

nustapha Touray says:

Sir Lionel Messi
King Lionel Messi

Elly Eli says:

Oh hail the master. Messi the messer

NUKE says:

Watching these teams play against Barcelona is like seeing someone playing PES 2019 in tourist mode xΔ

huma huma says:

Barca. Goals or Messi goals

video's I like, like video says:

And they are still getting better and better…

Alessandria Khaled says:

Messi Like
Barcelona comment
FCB for life ???

Aklile Adele alito says:

I am a Man U supporter and the way u killed me,I may call the police on Suarez

Levisha Nungchim says:

Barcelona in my DNA?
Messi in my heart forever ??

Roger Flipse says:

0:07 that's where you pay other peoples money for.

sh0ckv3l says:

Last one from Messi should be featured in a video called "This is football" along with Brekgamp's first touch to dribble the defender and Baggio's 1 touch dribble against Juventus.
Slam in Marco Van Basten volley with the dutch team in 88 European Cup.

Something in between beautiful and magical.

Nasiruddin Simul says:

Which channel are you watching

Ken Rascon says:

Dracula Suarez

Emir Sevindik says:

messi is the player who you created 99 overall for your own team in fifa

Polyluchs Shroud says:

we dont need 10 replays for every single goal

Kevin Zhang says:

terrible edit

Cristhian Ramirez says:

El Barcelona sólo tiene a CRACK's en su plantel y a un tal "LEO MESSI"

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