FIFA 18 XBOX 360 (Real Madrid vs Barcelona )

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FIFA 18 is a sports simulation video game in the FIFA series of video games, developed and published by Electronic Arts and was released worldwide on 29 September 2017
Initial release date: September 29, 2017
Engine: Frostbite
Series: FIFA
Genre: Sports game
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows
Developers: Electronic Arts, EA Sports, EA Canada
Publishers: Electronic Arts, EA Sports



It is much better than all android soccer games like dls, FIFA ,pes and pes in ppsspp

Liviu Alexandru Acostioai says:

is like fifa 15-16-17-18 , no difference only have new update and name FIFA 19 :))

Ryan McEwan says:

I just got Fifa 18 for 360 as my Xbox one broke (digital copy from the store), and I am appalled at the quality its that bad I'm debating whether it's either fake or been deliberately been downgraded in order to make people upgrade to Fifa 19.. Note I have played Fifa 18 on next gen consoles, however take away the Frostibite engine, and things like sound effects, passing etc are atrocious, the power kicks sound like loud slaps. Passes are unpredictable and first touches to get away from opposition are just incompetent.. Please tell me this is what anyone else is experiencing. The thing that gets me most is the Fifa 17 DEMO on 360 is more fluid and more graphically correct than the full legacy edition of Fifa 18. I'm wondering if I should downgrade to Fifa 17 to see if its better but curious to see if that will repeat what I am currently experiencing

Keyta YT says:

Ki veut jouer avec moi

Abdullah sabry says:

ازاي بتسجل و انت بتلعب الماتش

joshuax12 says:

parece fifa 14

99games Android says:

Commentary..So boooringg..

x gamers br says:

Eu tenho Fifa 18

andShow says:

Idk how but FIFA 17 better in xbox

Full Bakchoddas says:

is that a offine

Memes Trouxa says:

Qual nome da música que aparece no início do vídeo

Monstergamer Roblox y mas says:

it is noth original

Original Gunner says:

Intro too long

Bear Naughty boy says:

Why is the Intro so long?

JK 11 says:

How do you record gameplay

Marcin Bożkov says:

Looks like fifa 16 ?

RaZzer says:

You are stupide in a FIFA mannnn

Eric Grimm says:

tbh is just like fifa 13

Mariano J Rivera says:

The game intro with the league logo looks to much like a 2014 world cup intro

Fotballislife89 i says:

This is Fucking FIFA 17 like if agree

Fotballislife89 i says:

Xbox Or PlayStation 3 or 360 I take 360

Parvez Ahmed says:

Hey you are playing in Xbox 360 elite

Prajwol Baral says:

Better than PS3

Prajwol Baral says:

Best graphics

MR Simo says:

The Xbox 360 always be the legend console

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