Inter Milan vs FC Barcelona 3-1 Highlights UCL 2009-2010 HD 720p

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Inter Milan vs FC Barcelona 3-1 Highlights UCL 2009-2010 HD 720p


Ben Silva says:

You really have to be special to defeat this Barcelona team. Well done Mourinho. Well done Inter.?

Danilo Pochini says:

3:03 poor cross? No you fool Samuel Eto'o did exactly what he intended to do, it was a pass into the area not a cross

Egg Master says:

offside goals… penalty not given for Barca. pathetic.. Barca were robbed that year!

Alfy 82 says:

Se c'era il var col cazzo vincevano

Joka says:

Hahaha Eto'o + money for Zlatan shame and you Guardiola.

Sathyajith Shankar says:

10 years later, watching this match destroyed me as a Barca fan. Truly shocking.

Rhögger Moyàv says:

El mejor inter de la historia

Stefano De says:

Milito: 2 assist and 1 goal. He should have won ballon d'or…

javier barajas says:

Lo peor del barca fue haber que tenido que vender a etoo

Antonio Garibaldi says:

Robbery, UEFA inter

Samuel craass says:

A young Balotelli At the end tho loool

Wert Gamer says:

I'm a Barcelona fan I gotta say good job for Inter Milan in the champions league for playing against us well played?

Calin Kln - Enduro Alba says:

3rd goal from clear offside!

PUNCHEDcanvas says:

Mourinho's best game.

Tobirama Senju says:

I remember when inter was a motherfucking power house that could murder Barcelona, oh where have the days gone lol

Piero Luis Granados González says:

Mourinho definitely the best DT!

MMG 006 says:

I'm a Madridista but Barca was robbed here, a clear offside and penalty ignored by the refs.

dannydaintree says:

barca got smashed

MrRodzilla says:

Mourinho fucking parking the bus again

ThePersonGamingHd says:

Hate inter Milan !

Hudson Santos says:

Milito destruiu!

Nurudeen Abdul-Karim says:

Who the hell was that commentator?? "From a really poor cross as well". What was he watching?? Eto'o put the ball where his teammates can get it, and it's a poor cross?

Fredo416 says:

Eto’o and milito were monsters that season what a season they had


Ibrahimovic left inter for Barcelona and inter won the uefa champions league. It painful to mourinho. But with help from mourinho he lifted an European competition europa league at man utd

Umar Said says:

The best moment of internazionale/inter milan

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