Barcelona vs Milan 4-0 – UCL 2012/2013 (2nd Leg) – Full Highlights HD

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rakib hasan says:

মেসি ছাড়া বার্সলোনা অচল,

Aden Fernando says:


jenny meong2 love says:

only Allah can stop the messi movement

Juan Fernando Castilla says:

Desde la temporada 2012-13 el Milan es patético, en 2012 tenían buen equipo con Ibra y Thiago Silva

Juan Fernando Castilla says:

What a shame the team didn't rotate correctly and got tired at the semifinals against Bayern

mahmuda 1990 says:

The best messi like

Leodan Calona says:

Vamos por el 3 plate primero dios que sea así ?en champions contra el Liverpool

mauri brum sprenger says:

#####MESSI……… ###E.T. DO #Futebol…… #SimplesAssim…..

FCBfanclub says:

Alba went crazy for that goal… Legend!

FCBfanclub says:

Let's do this to Liverpool and bring the UCL home, lads!

FCBfanclub says:

JORDI ROURA career highlight

Craizy Jux says:

Messi wins fifth CHAMPIONS LEAGUE

Luchon20082010 says:

Barcelona loves to play against Milan, they play the best matches against them. That Barcelona was a beast

okflyaway99 says:

I'm not a Barcelona fan, but I just really like the Catalan commentary on this video for some reason.

Omair Sheikh says:

Iniesta, Xavi, Busquets

And that's just the midfield

ItalBres 92 says:

They really thought that they could win in Camp Nou with Montolivo, Constant, Boateng, Niang, Flamini and Mexes on the pitch???

Sholeh Leh says:

Ya jelas sih Barcelona menang ya andalan aku

Gilang Cansi Indargo says:

I just realize PSG jersey just like Barca jersey in 2013

Kekko says:

1:05 a mammt

reza aditya says:

messi always show that he have monster mentality level..

man put says:

Elsharaui, torna all'oratorio !!

man put says:


Ahmed turaan says:

Anyone in 2019

Pablo Escobar says:

Luego el Bayern le metió 7 a 0 a Barza.

BENMJR - says:

I dunno about everyone else but I have been smashing these videos recently

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