Liverpool vs. Barcelona Champions League Semifinals Leg 2 FULL Match Highlights: 4-0

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After losing the first leg to Barcelona 3-0, Liverpool turn it around and win 4-0 at home to go through to the final 4-3 on aggregate.

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bryan zhinin says:

Day 3 and i still keep watching and feeling the same way i felt when i watched it live

louyht7 says:

Damn Barcelona blew it 😀

Michael V says:

"It's a sensation. Liverpool have pulled it out of the fire." – Martin Tyler

d347b2 says:

you can tell the commentator doesn't like Liverpool. he has an orgasm when other teams score. (AGUEEEROOOOO!!!!!) goes apeshit when City score against QPR, barely makes a sound when Liverpool put 4 past Barcelona.

Augie Bordet says:

8 saves from Allison. What a goalie! What a team! What collective heart and high intensity energy! Sarah, Firmino, Ox, we need you against Spurs in the final! And City draws against Brighton…. We deserve at least one silverware this year, if not 2! Allez, Allez, Allez !

ginger says:

Barcelona players are still getting set for that corner …

x NaBr says:

Gonna be a great final, I don’t support either team but these two earned it! Respect.

LobsterRoc says:

i 4 got who won…

Robin Ghimire says:

Need comeback ? Call 1. 1-800-ORIGI-27
Or 2. 1-800-MOURA-27

herodot2 says:

Man of the match: ALLISON.

Who to credit with the goals:

1-0: 45 percent Mane (quick thinking), 45 percent Henderson (persistence), 10 percent Origi (tap-in)

2-0: 30 percent Alexander Arnold (good run and cross), 40 percent luck (deflection), 30 percent Wijnaldum (not an easy finish)

3-0: 30 percent Shaqiri, 40 percent poor defending, 30 percent Wijnaldum

4-0: 40 percent Alexander Arnold, 30 percent Barca sleepiness, 30 percent Origi (who was not sleepy)

mela pelas • 69 years ago says:

hahajaha what now messi fangirls

heyitsme says:

I’ve only watched this 1000 times since watching it live

math says:

Martin Tyler is fucking terrible here

Super Jinchuriki says:

Barcelona's defense is trash and has been for the last couple of years. They need to STOP buying all these midfielders and forwards and start breaking the bank for world class defenders.

Man lai says:

Barcelona was playing 9 vs 12. Busquets was nonexistent, that’s fine, he had a bad game but Alba was actively playing for Liverpool lol

Simon Garrett says:

Still watching..

Armando Ramirez says:

The myth says that Barcelona are waiting for the corner kick till this day ?

kerber says:

What a bitter commentary.

Cesar M. says:

If Shaqiri didnt tell Arnold to wait for him to take the corner, Barca would not have been caught so cold. The keeper was still yelling out orders to the defense. ?

Ahsan Suhail says:

What is amazing is that Sadio Mane was fasting. Mashallah.

Larry Einstein says:

If you didn't cry when the final whistle blew ?,….. You clearly watch baseball and WWF all day everyday

Rodrigo Martinez Medina says:

roma 3 barcelona 0 2018
liverpool 4 barcelona 0 2019
no balls

PetitChouPumpkin says:

Bye Coutinho and Suarez lol

Nyakato Wini says:

I feel sorry 4 coutianho

That's Outrageous says:

what a coincidence barca loses this badly to liverpool and barca is planning on receiving De Jong soon…


fantastic job by the scousers,unreal I would have lost so much money had I bet on this game unbelievable(leeds fan)

Polo Navarro says:

Pique fault for taking a picture with drake??

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