What the hell happened to FC Barcelona in the Champions League? – Oh My Goal

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What the hell?!!! Last year, FC Barcelona suffered an unbelievable “ROMATADA.” After winning 4-1 against AS Roma in the first leg, they suffered a stunning 0-3 loss in Italy, and were eliminated in the quarter-finals. We thought they had learned their lesson…But Liverpool’s comeback in the 2019 Champions League semi-final seems to be even worse for Valverde’s men.

So…What the hell is happening to Lionel Messi’s FC Barcelona?


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Ollie Cheung says:

Poor Messi. Booed by his own fans.
He wasn't in fantastic shape that night but barcelona are so overreliant on him.

Saaim Baig says:

You can’t say their attacking game is poor when you have Lionel Messi on your team. Don’t you know him?

Jiren The gray says:

Barcelona USE TO BE THE ONE who suffocates their Rivals, now it's them who get suffocated

jvh927 says:

De jong??? Lmaoooo just another overhyped bottler?? will fit perfectly with Barcelona

1234 5678 says:

But it’s pretty difficult to win when you rely on Messi to do everything for your team

Junior Shah says:

Valverde must go really in order to form a new team. If he is still there next season what's the point of playing, we might win the league but we will never win champions league. Its the same story and same mistakes over again and again.

Junior Shah says:

Totally agree with u, Valverde really destroyed Barca's philosophy in front their eyes, he is so defensive minded guy and a coward.

TheInfamousTroll says:

Barcelona is a small club, simple as that.

mrkevsta11 says:

One man team….no messi no barca…….plus they have no balls more fight in a dead rat.

Zachariah Varghese says:

OH MY GOAL pls make what the hell is happening to real madrid

Someone Yes someone says:

Oh My Goal In 2020:What the hell happened to frankie de jong?

Thabelo Makhaba says:

how come messi escapes the blame? if it were Ronaldo in messi's shoes people would be quick to critisize him

Hope 777 says:

Messi needs more support from his teammates. He can't be everywhere in the same time. And don't forget, no player has more defenders around them than him. This alone speaks volumes. There is a reason why nearly all top managers and top players crowned him as the best of the best. People who don't understand the game are blaming the wrong guy, and of course some are simply envious and full of hate.

salman rana says:

win lose or tie barca till i die

Callum Ray says:

and what you've just done is take everything away from what liverpool accomplished

Abdul Saboor says:

King Messi we love you

Kristian 08 says:

What the hell happened to James Rodriguez. like if you want to see

Wild Blook says:

I’m not a fan of Messi but I’m disappointed in the Barcelona fans booing at the best player in the WORLD how about those trash Barcelona players Alba who just sat there messi who TRYED SOME SHOTS and the rest soooo bad

Bukhari 14 says:

messi needs support in attack

Beardy Ry says:

If you take Messi out of this Barcelona squad for an entire season,I promise you they would struggle for 4th place in la liga they are not what they used to be,they are not a bad squad they are still amazing but for the past 4/5 years the best team in Europe have been Real Madrid and arguably the 2nd best has been Liverpool,we have loads of world class players,Barcelona have 3/4 thats it and no decent bench,no Xaxi no Iniesta,all gone,they had there run but all runs come to an end,look at AC Milan.

Luke Texter says:

I am Die hard Arsenal fan
But I feel pity for Messi too much pressure for one man

Ju Jiu Chew says:

can you do what the hell is happening to de gea

so oh my goal can see it

HArD WOrK says:

these kids of Ajax r looked as potential heros….but trust me They r average in CL it was just flukr

Nawadtahir2801 says:

So embarrassing

Birman Magar says:

It’s not Barcelona it’s messilona ?

xy z says:

why is messi shown so much of sympathy, u r behaving as if he didn't play,check th stats,barca wins without messi,n he did play in all th losses since seasons,come on,in th first leg he scored a freekick which ws wrongly given n a stupid lucly tap in


Messi of no use in crucial moments.(when his team needs him he is of no use.)He lost 1 world cup final, 2 copa america finals and last 5 UEFA champions league playoffs.

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