FC Barcelona – La Liga Celebration and Xavi's Farewell

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FC Barcelona – La Liga Celebration 2014-15 (HD)
FC Barcelona – La Liga Celebration 2014-15 (HD)






BarcaSoldier10 says:


Aqsin Nuriyev says:

5 year ago (( soo memoriess so cryable moment

Tuan abdul rahman Jayman says:

When xavi helds the trophy, I hear Freddie Mercury

Son Albertz says:

They are not a team nor a club but they are a big family that lives happily together ?, Barca Forever

Hashtag skirt says:

Thiago so cute???

Ismael Alexander says:

Um question why is deportivo celebrating? They lost

Manuel Errivares Reyna says:

6racies Xavi

Name Change says:

La Liga, copa del Rey and champions league, what a farewell

Kerry Wang says:

I was there!

Imran Khan says:

I see Barca fans clapping away fans for staying up, very classy. Top fans.

Lots of love for Xavi what a player, would love to have seen him and Iniesta at United, both of them and Scholes would be something together.

The day Messi retires and Ronaldo we will really appreciate talent and remember how good they were.

Khalil Junior says:

Maestro Xavi

Hamit ÇEKİR says:

0:13 ??????

Az TV says:

ذكريات والله 2015 ??

Đạt Nguyễn Thành says:

Xem lại vẫn rất cảm xúc

Mark Donoghue says:

Legend Xavi

MuZaN X MuZaN says:

Més que un club

bizu gurung says:

We miss u Maestro Xavi ??

Fedor de Vries says:

I was here for this game, the atmosphere was insane. Everyone was screaming xavi! Xavi! The whole game


I can't hold my tear

Wilder Linares says:

Aside from the fantastic seasons b4 the 14/15 season , 2015 was my favorite and exciting season best of all brings slot of nostalgia ?

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