Fields of Anfield Road | Learn Liverpool FC Song Lyrics

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Fields of Anfield Road is one of Liverpool’s most famous anthems, and the Kop are in full voice here!

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luiguidret84 says:

amo al liverpool esta cancion es de puta madre

Jadon C says:

How has the guy singing not got a Grammy yet? His voice is mesmerising and mellifluous.

WZ7C says:

Brits copying the irish

james kilburn says:

gary fergos song he was ripped off love jimbo

Jonathan says:

Respect… i'm from brazilian!

Eluziv3 says:

Yeah.. That one guy is very ahead of the rest.

deftoned says:

Wish the rest of the song was sung more often. The lyrics are quite beautiful, but are never sung really.

Daniel Everingham says:

Chris do you sit there every week? I'm in the kop as we but a few rows up and to the left! Always watch your channel ?

T Cow says:

award winning singing by chris pajack there lol

oh Vestaa says:

I love this one the most!

Alpha G says:

Could u plz do firmino and coutinho

Alpha G says:

fantastic series

nuoripave says:

thanks very much for this, always wondered about the lyrics of this one watching every game on tv and having once been at Anfield. Hope I get to sing it myself in a couple of months when I come to Anfield again all the way from Finland! Thanks lads keep up the good work.

Ivan Sitohang says:

i expect a louder atmosphere after this video posted!

Kuvan Sidhu says:

This is a great idea. So many people who go to anfield don't know the words to a lot of the songs. Stuff like this on the Internet might help increase the atmosphere at Anfield again.

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