Lionel Messi Performs On The Streets Of Barcelona La Rambla

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Lionel Messi Soccer Tricks


John's Channel says:

Who is 2020?

Gauri Rawat says:

9 yera ago Messi is with me!!!!!!!! Not there ??????????

Андраник Марандян says:

2020 hay ka ????

Alain Dubuc says:

Who are you trying to fool here


Brilliant skills by Lionel Messi ?????

kristy de lo santos says:

Messi would never ask for money

ER Simon says:

Holy Raviolli….that's insane!

Roberto Carlo says:

????Atada papá

Mirela Popadiuc says:

That ain’t messi

Jarzyna says:

He is better than Messi…

Carmelo Dattola says:

Il più grande di tutti.

Aaron mitzweiA says:

Give me an orange & I can do the entire ballerina $hit too…. But he's not bad ?

Earnest Happy says:

Better than Messi…. ?

calvin ambersley says:

Messi cant even keep up the ball over ten times lol. Well MAYBE more but no he CANNOT do this type of stuff…

Omni Goku says:

Thats not messi, messi did not wear that 9 years ago he wore that about 11 or 12 years ago.

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