Amazing FC Barcelona Anthem Live at Camp Nou El Clasico El Cant del Barça

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Amazing FC Barcelona Anthem Live of 100 000 fans Camp Nou El Clasico El Cant del Barça,


MyNameIsDidi .- says:

Soy madridista, pero este athem es simplemente improsionante I'm Madridista , but this athem is simply amazing

X- GAMER says:


messi magician says:

Truly magical


Welcome to La Liga

St Dope says:

Imagine being a Real MAdrid player in that stadium

Abdullahi Mohamed says:

Who here in 2018?

Taqveem Mehdi says:

Amazing anthem lovely

Adham Shw says:

Jordan الاردن ??

János Bóka says:

Never gonna be the same ? this stadium allways empty

J I N E says:

I'm love barca??

Christian Rangel says:

This is simply amazing and im a Madrid fan

KASIM 1099 says:

I think it's a pes 2018 gameplay video

yuliano riquelme says:

No se compara con el himno del real…. Hala !Madrid y nada mas hala Madrid

Kanit Kadam says:

Imagine Spartacus Fighting Here!

Arpit Agarwal says:

1:34 Flag of India??

Kotpur Kothra says:

Best team in the world always has a best fans and none fc fans in the world can do like this how barca fans do, what a beautifull and amazing fans visca barca love forever

نادي الهلال السعودي says:


anna krivouz says:

Hala Madrid

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