Spain Food in Barcelona – Grilled Shrimp and Sardines + FC Barcelona Camp Nou Tour!

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On Day 23 of our Round The World Trip with Star Alliance, it was our final day in Barcelona, Spain. We started off the day with a truly outstanding seafood meal, and then we visited FC Barcelona Camp Nou.

1:23 Can Maño Restaurant – To begin this day in Barcelona we headed to an area of town called Barceloneta, which is near the sea. Although I had wanted to try a different restaurant which was closed, we then proceeded on to Can Maño Restaurant which proved to be a fantastic decision and the best meal I ate in Barcelona. The small restaurant specializes in seafood, and we ordered grilled sardines, fried anchovies, and a plate of gamberi which were shrimp. The food was outstanding, and while everything was good, the absolute highlight was the plate of shrimp that was doused in olive oil and covered in a layer of garlic. They were amazing, and I loved the atmosphere and food at Can Maño Restaurant in Barcelona. Total price – 37 EUR

Read my blog post about Can Maño Restaurant for more details:

10:38 FC Barcelona Camp Nou tour – Camp Nou Experience – 23.95 EUR per person – Unfortunately during the summer when I was in Barcelona, FC Barcelona was not in season. Probably one of the reasons Barcelona is so famous around the world is because of their football club. So we bought tickets to go to the Camp Nou Experience to go to the stadium and take a tour. Overall it was a fun experience, but I would have really loved to go to an actual match.

15:18 Tapas 24 – After the FC Barcelona Camp Nou tour experience, we headed back into the center of Barcelona, did some shopping and then I came across Tapas 24, one of the famous trendy tapas bars in Barcelona that many people had recommended I try when I was in Barcelona. It’s a very expensive tapas bar, but it does have some character and they do have some unique and modern tapas. I ordered a king crab salad, their legendary Bikini de Carles Abellan which is a grilled cheese and ham sandwich, and finally la bomba de la Barceloneta. All the tapas were good, but I had to stop myself from ordering more because you could spend a fortune if you kept eating at Tapas 24. Total price – 32.90 EUR

19:43 Teruel Restaurant – For dinner, there was a restaurant very near to our hotel called Teruel Restaurant, and we stopped for an early dinner. We started off with the cod salad which was refreshing and then Ying and I shared the hake fish steak and beef short ribs. The beef short ribs were pretty tough but the hake was very good, although a bit plain. It wasn’t the best meal, but it was hearty and they served huge portion sizes. Total price – 28.10 EUR

Day 23 was an excellent final day of food and attractions in Barcelona. I enjoyed visiting Nou Camp, but by far the highlight of my day was eating that incredible seafood meal at Can Maño Restaurant.

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Thank you to Cotton House Hotel, Autograph Collection for sponsoring my stay in Barcelona.

I personally paid for all food and attractions in this video, and I decided what to do and where to eat.


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Phylicia Thompson says:


Eve Black says:

Pinch the tail to release the shrimp

Peter Hazell says:

How does this guy put so much food away. I enjoy his Vlogs but surely his wife cannot do the same. Does she just not want a relaxing day sometimes.

dk jk says:

Hey mark what’s your least favourite food?

Young Based says:

Lmao you eating yings food is how American girls always want to eat of the mans plate , I see who wears the pants

P byas says:

you have very greedy eating

Ирина Геннадьевна Киселева says:

Привет,Марк! Почему Ваша жена всегда кривляется на камеру, когда Вы ее показываете?!? Вроде бы уже взрослая женщина,а ведёт себя,как ребенок-забияка?!?И почему она не делает своих комментариев по дегустации блюд?Вы приедете к нам в Россию?В нашей необъятной и красивой стране есть много красивых мест для путешествий и много добрых и отзывчивых людей, которые встретят Вас ,вкусно и сытно накормят ,создадут комфорт и уют!!!

Vishal Kumar says:

read my new food blog new seasoning plaese vist now

Silberzwiebel aka Feiges Huhn says:

watched this video several times and marks love for shrimp heads make me think how it would be looking if roles are changed. try to imagine a shrimp sitting there putting little fried humans into his mouth and squeezing out the heads.

Julie Mavromatis says:

Thanks Mark. We ate at this place. All food we order as your suggestions all delish😋😋😋

Ertina Loopen says:

Does Ying get to eat too, lol The only thing I have seen her eat is ice cream. 🙂

Marcia Layden says:

Thank you, Mark for a most interesting and entertaining view of Barcelona. i will be visiting the city in the fall and know nothing about it except the Sagrada Familia. You have given me 'the cook's tour' of this charming destination. I love your reactions to the food you eat. You almost swoon from the good tastes. I love that about your presentation. I look forward to viewing the blogs about the other cities I will visit. You have me drooling!!!

X Nick Cui says:

Everything looks oily and deep fried …..wonderful

Abepermar says:

Hi the smolest fish are anchovys, the medium size fish are also anchovys, big ones, that they have to be fritted without head and the shrimp sauce its called "Salsa verde" (Green sauce) its made with garlic, olive oil, salt and parsey, it mix well with grilled/fritted fish, shrimps/prawns and also, not fatty pork parts.

arys castillo says:

i like you but im curious why you leaning in your side everytime you eat for the first time

vida e costume dos animais says:

Quem viu um cara abandonando um cachorro no começo do vídeo?….ou foi impressão minha??🐕

John Doe says:

I love this video but there is a crime here. You neglected that wonderful loaf of bread which you were suppose to eat with those sardines!

Greg Johnson says:

Mark, this is just a suggestion. Your videos like all other food critics are shown on YT all over the world. However, many American (or North American) food critics use English words that have very different connotations in other countries. Words like “ridiculous and insane” would be considered an insult by many cooks or restaurants in other countries. Think outside of the box and remember that your audience is not just North American!

Domenico Mandia says:

Mark you are very helpfull while on diet :v

Greg Johnson says:

No European or South American would EVER drink a coffee before a meal! Come on Mark! When in Rome….

Tanushree Bhattacharjee Reejit says:

wow i love foodbol

Fatso Grease ball says:

Short ribs looked super dry and tough not good at all.

Fatso Grease ball says:

Why do the lemons look so dry in Spain ?

alka singhal says:

You should have been to madrid and santiago bernabeu then you can see that how the best club in the world's museum look like
Hala Madrid !!

Mark Flajsner says:

the small fish look like whitebait. In the UK, it's a delicacy caught along the southern British coastal areas, and there's a dish called 'devilled whitebait' where the fish are tossed in flour and cayenne pepper and deep fried, then served with lemon wedges…

Weirdo rable says:

The fish dish you're eating at the end it's called "merluza a la vasca".
I think… In my personal opinion, it looked a bit dry, it should be more tender, but that's personal taste as my mother prepares it like you had it, more cooked.

Amir Bouchentouf says:

Wtf ils this Guy serious
Hé dnt know how to eat Brans 😑

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