Nike Academy vs FC Barcelona

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After learning from the best at their Joan Gamper training ground, it was time for the Nike Academy lads to take on the best. They didn’t disappoint. Here are the highlights of their stunning 3-0 victory over FCBarcelona U19s.


Your Mom's Boyfriend says:

Barca’s future looks shit like Madrid

RichRobberPrudictions YT says:

I wonder wheres messi, suarez, rakitic, dembele and pique, phil couthino?

Santi Briones says:

Es Barcelona pero la sub 20

Ray Football says:

Abu V/S Fc Barcelona

Богдан Гернешiй says:

Барса чемпион!

STORM says:

Русские го сюда


hijos de puta el FCB DEBIO GANAR

Luffy Gaming says:


Ernes Suljkanovic says:

nejmar jr video napravi

randy castillo says:

So they are playing older dude then cool shit

CREATIVE 29 says:

Will selection in Ukraine, in all cities, U-14 I want in your academy, if there would be a selection in my city, I think that I would have passed it

Zachary Graham says:

FCB Coach: Get on the line

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