Luis Suárez presentation as FC Barcelona player | 18/8/14

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FireNeptune98 says:

My favorite player ever

TheWolf Roblox says:

Suarez come back to Liverpool? we miss you

metaldigger says:

YNWA suarez! Forever thankful for you!

Lloyd Michael Lim says:

Luis better not fuck this up, I know you're a great striker but please, don't bite and fuck this up.

Sean KHS says:

He seems like he is in a dream <3 He really Loves barca from the bottom of his heart ! Can see it in his eyes 

جاسر الشقردي says:

أنا احبك سواريز يـ اسطوره !!

joel huaranca says:

no me las a morder a messi e  Luis Suárez

Ladbrokes Shops UK says:

he promised not to bite anyone ever. such a big fat liar 😀

Unoporsemana says:

A vacunarse muchachos… 

Marcos Daleiro says:

muchos goles va hacer luisito

juicycouturegurl1 says:

It's such a trip to see him and Messi on the same team. I love them both ? #viscaelbarca!!

Gungzzz says:


maurot16 says:

Grande luisitoo!! Ídolo!!

xIpodTouchGoeroex says:

Who will he bite next? 

nORD M says:


Mariano Salvatore says:

Good to see him back in the football pitch this is where you belong Luis don't fuck this up again haha

Szczepek0722 says:

Jaki zestresowany 🙂 

wachtel says:

FAIL in the "About" part. There it says "folow me on twitter" 😀

Igor Silva says:

Can he play? He was banned because of his bite on chiellini, wasn't he?

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