Man Utd Twitter Intervention, Coutinho to Barcelona, Virgil van Dijk to Liverpool – #FilthyFellas

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And we’re back like we never even left in the first. Happy 2018 to all you Filthy Animals. To start the year we’re going to be giving one of the #FilthyFellas an intervention, talking Coutinho to Barcelona, Virgil van Dijk to Liverpool and what we think will happen with what’s left of the Transfer Window.

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Harvir says:

Chelsea didn't finish over Utd. Dan Pay Up

AmazingChuckie says:

Well this vid aged well

chevin medici 49 undefeated says:

👶🏾 poet the racist cunt suck ya ancestors 😅😮

Salah says:

Poet why u disrespectin NZ like that?

BlackScarlettLDN says:

I need to be on this! its hilarious.

walid benmoulai says:

whats that last banger specs is on

Ali Ozel says:


Ali Ozel says:

Poet is a legend.

TheKingPlays says:

Loool vuj said arsenal would finish 1st or 2nd on the first episode is that why he ain’t on the show no more 😂😂😂

Nikola So says:

I can't trust a man that tucks his ears in his hat

Harun Demirel says:

"Liverpool get good money for their players" Dan speaking the truth…

Welshy King says:

Leon tun into ghost.

DWizzle0007 says:

Only smart thing Poet has ever said "I don't celebrate Christmas" I concur

Rah That's A Madting says:

Specs is MVP this season😂

Ezra Boakye says:

poet another mixed race defender is boateng hes a tank too

Fais Hassan says:

If your baby father is a guy…. 😂😂😂 specs is spittin gold bars

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