FC Barcelona Anthem (english subtitles)

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Barça’s official anthem.


Bas Buttiens says:


Siddharth sid says:


Benison A J says:

¡madrid! ¡madrid! ¡hala madrid!

la Liga says:

BARCA The Best

Hridyansh sandilya says:

One's who disliked thought it was the download button

Chloe Hutchison says:

Barca is the best best team in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love them forever always

Jsjjw Jejej says:

Love u barca

Guillermo Castro says:

Força Barça

Andre Rasel says:

Barca <3

Kunal Gupta says:

3-0 lets go

Jagnoor Singh says:

Who's here after Barcelona's 3-0 victory in el clasico at 23rd Dec, 2017?

saketh reddy says:

Barca is not just a club, it's life

BIO ISM says:

Barca is certainly something different than other teams i'm not underestimating them but in fact it's a feeling which infests a big side of the heart and no one can ever get it but the fan of this team

Crabby Patty102 says:

158 dislikes is probably cr7 fans.

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