FC Barcelona vs Chivas USA – [infantil]

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MIC Cup 2015 – quarterfinal
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Chivas USA coach: Brian Kleiban
FC Barcelona coach: David Silva


Jay Mata says:

No one's talking about the 12:30 goal??? That was master class XD Same guys made the 42:38 goal look so easy . .

Juanita Martinez says:

chivas are cool

I mean I guess says:

how Old are These Guys , Their Amazing.

Linda Skora says:

Go messi and alves

qbertalles says:

impresed with chivas.theres hope for usa afterall.you n eed to open your minds

djcandle says:

The right back #3 for Chivas is a fantastic player. I hope he can carry on and make the senior ranks in the coming years.

Lisandro Ventura says:

enorme gran diferecia…el barca triangula y profundiza lado opuesto, chivas triangula y crea superioridad por el mismo lado y profundiza de igual manera…opinen pero en español por favor jajaja

Joel Enrique Gonzalez says:

Someone know what age they are?

bigollameo says:

Of course Chivas USA won, right?

joh3628 says:

Xuxuh looks like Yedlin 2.0 and not in a good way

Dorian Thomas says:

Brian as always every year I look for this game. Good stuff the #9 and #10 from Barca were difficult to get a hold of very creative, and dangerous in their ability to find space and combine with each other. Your boys created nice opportunities they didn't finish, but hey it happens right. I know as the comments build there will be the US soccer haters. Look I've followed Brian's boys vs Barca since the U10 level. He has stayed competitive with La Masia every year each showing do the research. One thing I will point out is that La Masia recruits and scouts youth players across the global market. Brian has domestic players big difference. La Masia students dedicate their life and schooling around Futbol while Brian's kids still have go to school somewhere. BIG DIFFERENCE as always I'm proud of your boys they represented the gold standard of us youth soccer well. The 1st goal nothing happened wrong there it was just world class. United States is knocking on the door better youth players will make better coaches in the future. The problem with US soccer right now is the top coaches weren't that good to begin with when they were players. Keep up the good work!

Marcelo Bielsa says:

Esto es fútbol jugandole a los catalanes de tú a tú. Que bien juega el #10 de Chivas la jugada que intenta a 7:34 es de crack. Pero le falta mejorar varios detalles, cosas simples, tal al minuto 5:03 no querer recibir con la parte interna de su pie derecho. Gracias por compartir, hay futuro para desarrollar jugadores de buen nivel con buena muestra de un fútbol vistoso en los estados unidos.


you are Chivas or Barcelona Coach?

HMFootball says:

thank you for posting!

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