Messi, Coutinho & Artur Melo With Dembele & Vidal On Barcelona training before Super Cup vs Sevilla

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mmkn 'iism alaighniat 'aw almusiqaa

Karolina Garcia says:

Mi equipo de mis amore este año vamos con todo que equipazo te amo fc barcelona visca barça carajo

Serenity_ Love says:

Wow that's some intense training ??❤

El_geo_kondogbia___Ūntu Falleuh says:

Barça est le meilleur club du monde?⚽?fier d'être Quatalant

Marina Kouadio says:


28- -man says:

Суарез даже тут не попадает)

ffs says:

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m wijsje says:

You see me ???

RaNa Shikder says:

Love u Barcelona and Leo Messi ??

MJS10 says:

Barca is gonna destroy this season ?

Saulo Maia says:

?? Arthur ?? Coutinho ?? Malcom. Looks like Barça is ready to be a champion again

Ivan Ventura says:

Messi con una sonrisa no es bueno?

Ajet Berisha says:

Stop the annoying music u destory the training

sisher siboon says:

Messi is my life ?

sisher siboon says:

Messi is king of football

The One says:


Juan mmm says:

Que bien juegan todos…???

Bede Ibe says:

Amazing play from Suarez and Messi.

Edwin Alvarado says:

Por qué pones esa clase de música mierda , pone un rock clásico distorsiona oírla por eso te puedo dejar de seguir

Barnacles Barnacles says:

Barnacles $!! This season will be fire

אילן מיכאלי says:

Messi looks very sharp!!!

Beshoy Farhan says:

Great barcelona

Ŧгคภς๏_℃℃ says:

0:58 Umtiti que haces dios que jugadon

Felipe A says:

Messi joga demais, não há comparações com qualquer outro jogador.

mithaq ali says:

Yoo rakitic is fucking world class

Mr Monkey says:


Rishan Maju says:

2:01 suarez trying to become the GOAT????

Majin Boo -el gordo y la flaca- says:

Barca Lovers channel stop fucking spam bitch you're in every comment please report

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