Vegas’ Barcelona USA Boys U9 Soccer Team CHAMPIONS of NHB Cup!

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Barca dominated through the Quarter Finals of the North Huntington Beach Cup beating SD Surf White 5-0 and gave an even more impressive performance in the Semi Finals beating Celtic Harps 9-0 to put them into the Championship Game against Juventes from San Francisco. Barca dominated the competition winning 4-1 to take 1st place!


Steven Turner says:

This team has a decent strikers and passes reasonably well for a u9 team, but is actually lacking in speed. I can't tell if they are unusually good or if the opponents are just missing in action. There is a total lack of defense – I don't even see the defenders in frame half the time. Furthermore the goal is much larger than the goals in our U9 league. I have no idea why the opposition allows them to take wide open shots at a huge goal defended only by a keeper who is barely 4 feet tall. Mark those players, get in their face, and put some pressure on them!

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Kill Me says:

Goalie sucks ass Lmao

Maria Valeria Silva says:


Emiliano Urueta says:

Did you guys hear that noise at 1:26

Football Legends HD says:

that goalie wis pish ?

Football Legends HD says:


Myles Fensom says:

Your very good

lione dan anani says:

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Danie Monroy says:

am 11 my team is called real Madrid

maria rodriguez says:

They just showed Barca scoring and that's just stupid

DaveTFG says:

They vs 5 years old

Shawn Crespo says:

what was the scores

XP Reflex says:

I'm in o6

XP Reflex says:

It's scary they are undefeated

XP Reflex says:

I'm 10 and I'm scared bc we are in the finals

Terry Ryan says:

I'm 8 and I play for the cobras were 2ed place

Mirna Godinez says:

my team is the Rancho

Mirna Godinez says:

My team is Rancho

AmazingGamer7926 xx says:

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