Antoine Griezmann – Welcome to FC Barcelona? 2018 – Skills, Goals, Assists | HD

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Antoine Griezmann – Welcome to FC Barcelona! 2018 – Skills, Goals, Assists | HD

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Alsido Football says:

Perfect replacement for Luis Suarez right now ?

Husein Ibrahimović says:

Griezmann blood is atletico ❤

Jorge Luis Jimenez Ramirez says:

Estan chidas las rolas

Jorge Luis Jimenez Ramirez says:

Q chidos videos ?

Md Zahir says:

What is the name of song

Aiden 2.0 says:

Il a pas dit qu'il parter ! Fake

مؤيد السفاح_ Game says:

واصل الشرح / ارجوا منكم الاشتراك في قناتي

Salman Ishaq says:

Now in 2018 Greizmann abd Coutinho, thats great singing

Rodrigo Serpa says:

Still in atlético motherfuckers

Aqil JR says:

Sell dembele ?

The Legend 25 says:

He didn’t sign the contract yet

Bagus Dwi says:

hoax or real

zhir kurd says:

Griezmamm the best

Lan Sequeira says:

2 opciones

Griezmann Suárez Messi


Coutinho. Griezmann Messi

Boss says:

Grizou & Messi ???

Leon says:

Anyone know the music artist for the second song?

afghane Kabul says:

Ter Stegen Jordi Alba Samuel umtiti Gerard pique Nelson semedo sergio Bosquets rakitc Coutinho Suarez Griezmann Messiiiiii ????????????????????????????????

man tamang says:

Welcome to barca Griazemeen

Darren Atkins says:

Griezmann won’t go to Barcelona if messy says no he has a say on the transfers

Ghetto says:

Clickbait bitch

Britney Jean spears says:

Great video but grizi must stay aleti

Riian Santos says:

The best video????

Itachi Von Richthofen says:

Music; Neovaii – Silent

zkdope says:

Nice video and

jamario miles says:

Honestly I would like him to be at Barca but it would really lessen Dembele and Countinho game time fr sure

D10S says:

Amazing video. I think it would be a good change of pace and quick feet . I'd love to have him but I think we should focus on the defense first.

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