FC BARCELONA | Come to the next match at Camp Nou

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Surprise is part of our style. Get your ticket and enjoy the real thing.
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Syed Muhammad Zeeshan Kazmi Kazmi says:

ronaldo height is 6'1

barry clegg says:

Love you camp and going to the games

DreamLop HD says:

I was in the stadium for the first time in January. FC Barcelona played against Deportivo Alaves and Messi scored a goal in the match, great. I can only advise every fan once to go to the stadium. The next day I was in the museum, was great to see how many trophies the club has won or to learn more about the club's history and former and active players. Have synonymous over a video https://youtu.be/o2-6TH62LQ8 created on my channel. It was a great time and experience, thanks FC Barcelona.

Sai Vaibhav says:

Soooooo goooood ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shahed Ali says:

They did this because the Camp Nou has been losing fans lately.

Shahed Ali says:

Little ironic the Marcelo Adidas advert just came on lol.

amazihgi elhallaouy says:


LoOoDa says:

Soon I'll come ☺

nover 081 says:

One day i will come to Camp Nou!

Adi Brad says:

the greates stadium in the world.. one club, one love. FC Barcelona


Martin Snell says:

And I'm Lovin it

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