Marc-André ter Stegen – World’s Best Goalkeeper? | FC Barcelona, 2017/18

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TalkFCB says:

I'm excited to hear your thoughts on this guys, who do you rank as the best in the world right now? I appreciate that there will be many different opinions on this, so let's hear them!

TurtleGamingzz123 -Roblox says:

i would say yes because he has passed all the goal keepers beaten david de gea

David Alvarez says:

no ter stegen is not the best manuel neuer is the best

TurtleGamingzz123 -Roblox says:

ter stegan is the best goal keeper

TurtleGamingzz123 -Roblox says:

ye is the best goal keeper

Clemens Horn says:

1. Neuer.
2. Ter Stegen
3. De Gea
4. Oblak

Barcelonista 1983 says:

Reached his peak and full potential. Absolutely in my opinion the best keeper in the world this season.

لؤي ياس says:


Xavier Lizardo says:

I don't think we've ever seen such an aesthetically-pleasing Goalkeeper in football history. His technique (not only with his feet, mind you) is border-line perfect. Barca are very lucky to have him for the next 10 years. 

Everything youth coaches try to teach young goalkeepers regarding pure technique is generally undervalued as decision-making & the simple fact of shot-stopping becomes the top factors in professional football. But Ter Stegen plays plays like goalkeepers usually train. Impressive. He's basically a robot, and its very very difficult.

SuperMessi G.O.A.T says:

Ter stegen is incredible. The reason why we are winning la liga is because of him, umtiti and messi. Although credit has to go to valverde for adapting his game plan to compensate for the loss of neymar and then his replacement dembele(to injury). Also he made us defensively stronger only conceeding I believe 9 goals in all competitions. But ter stegen no doubt played a massive part. But one thing I love about barca is the character saying we don't go down without a fight. We saw it against psg and we are seeing in this current season. When we lost the super cup to our rivals aggregate of 5-1 everyone thought real madrid would win the league maybe even treble. With even gerard pique admitting we that we felt inferior to them. But we have put that behind us and ever since we are a whole new team. THe loss of neymar(Although hurts) as made us more unified and together. And although we don't have enjoyable performances we do get the results. We have been literally unbeatable. That is why you don't underestimate barcelona.

That is why I love this team. We have got fight and spirit.
#don't count barcelona out
We will find away to get back in it.


Ter Stegen has definitely proven himself to be the best goalie in the world right now

trying to be better says:

He has been THE WALL of barcelona and saved us many time. But de gea certainly someone who has been consistent for years and absolute stunner. But for the season this man has had, i would definitely pick our man .


He is the best in the world

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