Barcelona vs Alaves | 2017 Copa del Rey | Football Predictions

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Team Bankroll are back for the final hurrah of the main football season to preview the League Cup finals match. Today’s guests are: Martin Green @Martinwgreen, Alex @Need4Tips, Big Man on Campus @JeffNadu and Stuart @TipsterHQ – here to help and share their infinite betting knowledge. This video features the 2017 Copa del Rey: Barcelona vs Alaves: Saturday 27th May 2017

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Automated Video Transcription:

copa del rey Barcelona vs Alaves no
surprise the Barcelona 1.14 Alaves
15 draw 8 obviously last head-to-head
barcelona cleaned up a six nil and the
towards the end of the legacies in
barcelona or winning and they were
scoring goals I think they won their
last seven matches averaging four goals
a game
I’m guessing this much is going to be no
different I am expecting goals here big
man let’s start with you ah I didn’t I
don’t really have much of this one
Barcelona will roll um what do you got
an Asian headline Natalie I’m just going
to take a look actually I’m expecting
goals I’m seeing where the value stars
Alex have you found some value in terms
of goals you think we’re going to see
goals here yeah – – on the Asian
Handicap WA for Barcelona at 1.75 I
think that Barcelona will revenge all
season on this match they didn’t win the
title Champions League we saw how bad it
was for them so I think that they will
put everything in this match of course
they don’t need to put everything
because as you said they destroyed 6-0
last time alavez
– – on the Asian Handicap for sure at
one point seven five right now anyway
yeah I’ll go over 3.5 goals for
Barcelona team total 2.6 – though I
don’t think their score six goals but I
think four or five in the cards here I
think they in this kind of game I think
they’ll pound Alvis just kind of a fun
bet for me I think it’s four nil okay
yeah I think we’re gonna see that lots
of balls in as much
what about used to it what are you
predicting I’m planet really really safe
on this one probably lowest odds I’ve
done all season a busload a half time
full time 1.57 with Edwards
wolf that is low for you useful yeah
this one I think the Cup finals are very
very difficult I you know I would
honestly say that people if you’re going
to play your best play fun but don’t
expect to win much on it


LeBronRayJames says:

Neymar to score anytime at 1,80 🙂

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