Coutinho, Luis Suárez and Messi get ready for action against Alavés

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Philippe Coutinho started his first League match with FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou against Alavés, a game that finished 2-1. The Brazilian, who played 66 minutes, continues adapting to the Barça style with great players such as Iniesta, Suárez and Messi.

He has a special bond with the No.9 and No.10, not only on the football pitch but also personally. In fact, all three arrived together at the Stadium, in the same car; an image which opens the video showing how the Brazilian, the Uruguayan and the Argentinian prepared for a duel that ended with a Barça win. From the warm-up, walking out of the tunnel, in the dressing room and the delivery of the ‘Player of the month’ award for December to Suárez, you won’t want to miss this!

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Binil Joseph says:

Go barca messsiiìiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicoutinhoooooo suarezźzzzzzzzzzz

Carolina Fabres says:

Nao sabia que eles tomavam chimarrao!
Que legal

Raju hirachan says:

Nice Barcelona training my best club Barcelona my best player is messi my best country Argentina

Ajack Fees says:

messi wearing wakanda jacket

Cristina Santos Bornez says:

Es del año pasado

ghita alin stefan says:


ghita alin stefan says:

Te quiero MESSI y Luis Suarez. ?????⚽⚽⚽?????????????VAMOS BARCELONA forca mundial de copa

swafwan poovalloor says:

Argentina + brazil+urugyo

Street Soccer says:

Coutinho takes neyMars place in Barcelona he is with both Suarez and messi

Nay Jaroudi says:

Love you barca ❤❤❤

Walid Mahmud says:

never no cms only msn

Rema Rajeev says:

Einsteo ???

Heinrich Karg says:

I wish they keep Coutinho, put a player on a bench and bring back Neymar. And then it will be not MSN but MSCN ( M essi, S uarez, C outinho & N eymar )

Suzi B. says:

Messi and Suarez always share their drink ? I saw also in other moment video

Ivan Alejandro Gonzalez says:

Somebody tell me the brand of Messi´s hoodie At 00:10, please!!!! 🙂

Adrian Godinez says:

He amo messi

Trishnee Boyjoo says:

Wht a trio <3

Đoan Cute says:

i miss MSN ?

Luis says:

South Americans carry that team for years now (;

BlueGum Gamer says:

The new trio

Axel Higuera says:

Vamos Barcelona ?

Fogarassy Gergő says:

Barca coutinho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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