Roma vs Barca 3-0 Hight Light & Goal 11.4.2018

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I Love Real Madrid TV says:

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Qeeran Rana says:

Barca defenses suck here. Umtiti is always worse and over-confidence of Barca team as well. They lack finishing and were playing easy. On the other hand Roma was outstanding, they utilized every chances and deserved win.

Eddie Torres says:

at 6:36, Umtiti could've gotten the ball. It's so weird how he was just jogging and didn't even try.

The tricky Haroon Boys says:

Pique shouldn't had made that tackle due to which Roma got penalty.
It changed the whole scenario and direction of the game

Fran Obando says:

Like si lo ves en el 2018! A la puta si aún estamos en el 2018 XD😂

JT27012007 JT11 says:

You morons, to be honest. This match was negotiable. The clubs agreed in advance that Barca will merge in favor of winning the Champions League team from Madrid. In the first goal it is clear that Ter Stegen did not even try to get the ball into the ball, although he could, at the moment from the penalty spot, Pique deliberately foul, he knew that they would give a penalty in favor of Roma. In the plot were Piquet, Ter Stegen, Messi, Rakitic. Maybe others, but Piquet was exactly. Barcelona practically did not play the whole match, made mistakes. And the very fact of a major defeat after 4-1 raises questions. In the winning goal, too, the error is stupid. In general, if you believe in the honesty of this match, then you are stupid idiots.

Obaida Al Delaimi says:

How do roma win, it was 4-4 on aggregate?

Love Sport says:

Hahahhahahhahahahah hoooooooooooo

BOOM says:

Jebem ti Romu,Jebo vas Liverpul,prccc

chris g says:

the silence of the dogs

Willy Nino says:

I don’t think barca even cares if about the eufa cuo

Ab De Villers says:

Fuck the shit….real are winning UCL year by year ….what is barca doing???

豊馬場 says:

Hala Madrid

Mauricio Castro Acosta says:

Que grande manotas jaja

Saúl Acosta says:

Dejen los festejos de los goles, no las repeticiones, es importante ver las reacciones.

Hossam Baghhossam says:

I love barca

Rajat Kaushal says:

As a Barca fan, Barca deserved to lose this one. Hope we get players of more physicality to handle teams like these.

Ibizabromas hshsh says:

mierda madrid

KerNioZz says:

Ur channel's name is fucking stupid… Go to hell motherfucker

Elite SaintYT says:

Does anyone know if messi is coming to dallas to play against Roma plsss let me know if he's gonna be there cus this is my only chance to watch messi play in real life

dario josue ramirez sanchez says:

Tato Noriega más barcelonista no puede ser

Typical PS4 Gamer Z says:

No defence for barça.

إعتدال طوال says:

I hate Barcelona . Especially messi

إعتدال طوال says:

I love Roma cuz my god father lives in roma

Dzav22 says:

El puto fracaso más grande del barca

Grover Rodriguez says:


Ivan says:

Analizando fríamente el partido. La Roma le pudo meter 5 al Barcelona

Fhadilah Tamara says:

orang gak ada dembele sama neymar messi

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