Confirmed Transfers Summer 2018 | FT,Ronaldo,Neymar Jr

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Confirmed Transfers Summer 2018 | FT,Ronaldo,Neymar Jr

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patad fgh says:

yes ronaldo gone from real madrid the most intellegent player of real madrid in gareth frank bale bal

Elijah Voll says:

What is real madrid

AngeloR3 Mix says:

You spelled Real Madrid wrong for Neymar

Thameem Sharif says:

It's real or reel? I can't find out

Filko says:

I make video about TOP 10 TRANSFER 2018 too so if you want check it 😀

Amine snp says:

Neymar To réak réal madrid it is fake

Pedja Copic says:


The Jackeen says:

Great Video Man.
I made a video on My Top 5 Transfers of the Summer
Appreciate Anyone Checking it out.

božena rako says:

Where is Vrsaljko and Modric

Zlizax says:

Kovači is going to Chelsie and he is 30e next ill be 60e

Rupinder Samra says:

Don't go pogba plz

tj hassey says:

Learn how to spell please

gaming skiller says:

No never neymar is not going to real Madrid

you Dnt know me says:

Anyone pls tell me ,,,is Neymar's transfer confirmed??????????

Nawal Jaber says:

quel traître

100 Subscribers with no vids says:


Jarvis_14 landry Santi Tomlinson says:

Forgot torres?

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