PES 2019 Gameplay – Liverpool vs Barcelona (vs Precision) Winter/Snow at Anfield!

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27th of June I was lucky enough to visit the Konami offices in Windsor to capture some PES 2019 (E3 build) gameplay for you guys.

In this video we are facing PES Streamer Precision

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (officially abbreviated as PES 2018, also known in Japan as Winning Eleven 2018) is the 17th installment in the Pro Evolution Soccer series.
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Balázs Varga says:

Even KOnami has no focus on PES… this gameplay mechanic is a masterpiece… That touches and passes and the movement animations follow each other so realistic… Fifa is still nintendo game compared to PES if we are talking about gameplay.

Enzo Alves Oliveira says:

Liverpoow quit

the final countdown says:

Just one problem with PES. WHY does the PASS/SHOOT meter gotta look like the health bar of a dying peasant in Age Of Empires III: The Warchiefs. I Hate it.

Renzo El Pro says:


Denver says:

Liverpool's kit is like leather jackets.

Pro Evolution Soccer MY says:

Have you seen PES2019 in UltraWide screen 21:9? Here you go :

febri rian says:

look like they have fix cursor change problem, good

Mamet Nazar says:

snow yet barca is wearing short sleeves

Sampai mati says:

pes pemain tak terjaga .tetap terbuka shot shot bosen tak ada tantangan

Armel Djédji says:

finally pes marries the gameplay of fifa 18

Nizamuddin Iqbal says:

Pes Ball will always look like solid heavy as hell .

IJFX ML says:

they are so bad playing

daniel occhini says:

music horrible!!!!!

Edgardo Rodriguez Villalobos says:

yeah… this is shit… No good Pes game since 2013…

TK Football says:

look at they face! so good

nestor leyers says:

men what i like the most about PES is its cutscenes, the people walking in the tunnel, etc, FIFA could learn a lot from PES

Aati Nevalainen says:

Pes is back

Saami Jeelaani says:

Plz add to Diurnalist Arabic with Rauf khalif or another arabic plz plz add

SR GameBoy says:

Sorry to say this graphic is horrible

Egystars says:

snow in replay only dmn

Falchetti antonio says:

Toujours les mêmes célébrations crainios !

David Lam says:

true gameplay i love it. can't wait for pes 2019

abu hussein says:

fifa all day. fifa is way better

Aryan Dubey says:

fifa looks better

asifur rahman says:

PES gameplay always better than FIFA

Vahit MUTLU says:

There are errors in the lines
07:15 – Vertical Line
07:17 – Horizontal Line

jude villasis says:

That good in pes the realistic animated scnce but the prob in game playd . and player face is good to

BLaZiNgSPEED says:

I'm the 8000th liker of the video lol! Before my click it was 7.9K and after my like it became 8K. 😛

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