Real Madrid CF vs FC Barcelona 2-3 Full Match 23/04/17 HD

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EL Clasico 23/04/2017
goals: 28′ Casemiro
33′ Lionel Messi
73′ Ivan Rakitic
86′ James Rodriguez
90′ Lionel Messi
Red Card : Ramos
Yellow Card :Casemiro, Lionel Messi, Umtiti


Udayveer Singh says:

Ronaldo is better then Messi.

Alice LG says:

The Scottish commentator and his metaphors!😂😂😂

Abdelwahed BDE says:

I like messi

Aryan Soni Kumar says:

Ronaldo is the hero

Cesar Navarrete says:

neymar is better than messi

noob gaming13 says:

i,like barcelona

Jordan Hollis says:

Hola de America a Barcelona!

Fatiha Bouzalmat says:

Ronaldo us fantasteke

shahrukh khan says:

Paid reffary..

shahrukh khan says:

Messi is good but Ronaldo is legend

shahrukh khan says:

Messi is good but Ronaldo is best

Легенда 1960х says:

1:40:31 It's for Messi, but none of barca fans do it for Ronaldo because he's girl and plays awful

Легенда 1960х says:

1:37:37 didn't give up!💪💪💪💪❤💙

Легенда 1960х says:

1:21:08 Friends look at this 3 kilometers offside but refferee with Real Madrid again. If the refferees all of real madrid's matches was fair, real never won 13 cups of LCh. Every year Bayern Munich, Juventus and others lose game with Real because FIFA hire only refferees who love Real Madrid. But even FIFA and Refferees can't let real madrid win Barcelona! This cause I love Barça and hate Real!

Легенда 1960х says:

Messi destroyed Real!!! No doubt, that Messi is the best ever

Muhammad Umar says:

#Ronaldo 😍💋❤👍👍👍👌

anastasia kutateladze says:

Messi is No.1!!!! I dont know why is there fans of Real Madrid???

Parth Gupta says:

I love Messi!!!!!!!

Parth Gupta says:

Thanks to the Arabic people who supported Messi

Parth Gupta says:

So, Lionel Messi is best in la liga.

Parth Gupta says:

Messi is better than Ronaldo because fc Barcelona has the power of a footballer and real Madrid has the loss of cr7. That is why cr7 has changed to julenthis. So, Messi is the best player in la liga

jancarlos gonzalez says:

Messi is better


Messi is just to good

Ethan masedze says:

I like Cristiano Ronaldo he better Than Messi

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