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The Barca Way, an inside look at Barcelona’s world-famous youth training complex. For the first time, Barcelona opened the doors of La Masia to Revista de La Liga, as Guillem Balague follows five young hopefuls in their journey to become the next big star. Featuring interviews with Andres Iniesta, Toni Duggan and a host of Barcelona youth staff and directors, we follow five young hopefuls looking to make it into the big time.


Likith Liki says:

I've seen many kids commenting here about money, old staff etc etc! Basically thing is as the time changes! Club changes its style of doing things. They still have la Masia which is a mile better than any other youth system. If they didn't fit in to the status quo system they'll find future elsewhere eg cesc and icardi etc. Overall the objective is to be better not to repeat previous patterns rather adapting to the new way how football to be played. Innovation of today is tomorrows history so never stop inventing and dreaming high.

Hshd Hsnsnd says:

easy riqui puig is the best option or carles alena

Andrew Santos says:

La Masia is at its lowest point nowadays thanks to the current board. I still prefer the way Laporta runs he club during his tenure

Yogesh Dhuri says:

barca and Spain will never have another Iniesta

Messi says:

The reason the rate of production has slowed down is because of the board, their horrible planning, and Barca B constantly purchasing players. Segura is part of the problem with his horrible signings. Gerard Lopez was a huge problem, he dragged Barca B down, and now they're not competing in Segunda B. With Pimienta in charge, the gap between La Masia and the first team has never looked closer.

Akash Ramesh says:

irreplaceable but many will fill the void.
One answer :- Riqui Puig

Mukund Krishnan says:

the video should rather be titled " FINDING LA MASIA / HOW BARCA LOST THEIR WAY "

Garcia Pedro says:

Dude!!!! People make it look like la masia is the best school for footballers. They only had a great generation that’s all before that generation they used to buy their biggest stars, cryuff, ronaldinho, Rivaldo all came from other places… they had the busquets, iniesta and messi generation but now that this is over they went back their old ways of buying like anyone else… madrid had such generation in the 80’s too

Leo R. says:

Barca's turned into Real Madrid– unethical behavior, splashing on galacticos, and essentially turning into a mercenary club.

Dennis H. says:

Next stop: Frenkie de Jong (Ajax)

Fright Night says:

Next Iniesta I think is Rabiot

Patrick Bytyqi says:

They cannot find the next Iniesta the way they're directing the club, you can't buy a player for 100+ Million euros and expect to be the Iniesta or Xavi or Puyol type of player, there are a lot of talented players with similar abilities to Iniesta like Isco or even Fabian Ruiz but still not quite Iniesta, they don't have the culture within they don't " Bleed " Blaugrana. I think you can find the next Iniesta in La Masia but unfortunately they don't have the patience to wait for a player to grow and develop they choose to pay 140M Euros instead. Sucks.

Haider Thahim says:


Jay Murthy says:

I thought La Masia was exactly there as a continuous investment into itself to produce players so they wouldn't have to solely rely on buying players. I found it strange why La Masia faculty would ask about a transfer ban. I thought the FIFA rule that stopped international players underage from joining La Masia would have been the detriment to La Masia

Jay Murthy says:

Hmmm I'm wondering about what Segura said about the Premier League buying the players that could have made the first team. Which players are those that are in the Premier League that would have been playing for Barca otherwise?

Paddy Mc says:

We lost Neymar and Iniesta in a single year… The greatest midfielder of a generation and the heir apparent to the Ballon 'Dor once Messi & Ronaldo age out and with MSN the most dangerous and prolific front 3 in world football all of which is now gone… Those two player losses completely change the dynamic of the team, who knows what Barca will look like next season. We NEED Griezzman because Coutinho isn't up to much and we need that 3rd deadly striker back to give Messi more options whether to play as a play-maker or an out and out attacking forward, plus when you have 3 players of that quality then when one player or two players have an off night they still have a world-class forward and Griezmann is the definition of an efficient finisher, with his Atletico side he only gets a couple of chances a game to score and 1/2 he'll put the ball in the back of the net. Frequently 1-1 with the goalie which is tough. Barca need an efficient striker who has a crazy high conversion percentage and I can't think of anyone in world football who more fits that description than Griezmann.

Bobby Dukes says:

Why would we care about finding the next Iniesta when players like Ronaldo and Messi can be born? Am I missing something?

Gisela Stapf says:

Stop poisoning our sky and our air! Stop Geo-Engineering!

dwon da says:

Did this guy just said "The Nexsta"? What?

Kaffekaffe Kaffe says:

Eriksen ????


The new Iniesta is Xavi Simons

mohamed luzio says:

That muñoz kid is the best along with xavi simmons

Paddy Mc says:

The idea that Coutinho could EVER replace Iniesta is beyond ridiculous…

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