Will Pogba leave Man United for FC Barcelona?! | Jamie Redknapp & Danny Murphy | The Debate

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Man Utd have turned down a bid from Barcelona for Paul Pogba, but should Jose Mourinho make him club captain to convince the Frenchman to stay at Old Trafford? Jamie Redknapp and Danny Murphy gives their thoughts on Pogba’s transfer situation.
Do you think Paul Pogba will leave Man Utd this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ayaan Ibrar says:

Progba doesn't even make the Barca bench

tamo a says:

Media always ready to criticise Pogba.
The truth is Pogba is Man United's first or second best player… The other in contention being De Gea.

Aquila Rossa says:

Paul Pogba needs to concentrate on doing what needs doing at any point in the game and be able to know what that is. He can look like he can't make his mind up what the best choice is. When he gets it right that hesitancy is not there and he stops looking like a chicken running around with its head cut off.

Nathaniel Baxter says:

When Pogba and Kante end up at PSG they will be invincible.

sayyam nasir says:

No he's not. Fred was signed to make him shine in the Midfield. That is the strategy, why would United sell him.

irish red says:

Barcelona have football heritage

Eyedeas Never Die says:

Cant remember which pundit said it, but basically "Pogba loves United, he just doesnt love playing under Jose"

Liam Dunphy says:

Jamie is still employed?

Harun Ashura says:

People still discuss Pogba? Wiew

SNC203 says:

Amazing how many ex-failed footballers now turned pundits Liverpool produce …

Big Boss says:

He doesn't fit Barca's style at ALL

Naasik Hendricks says:

Who wants Andre Gomez?

rodgers saheen says:

This Guys are better than All ESPN pundits

Qpr Super hoop says:

Why would he want to stay with Jose ??the blokes and asshole that upsets people. But yet everyone still thinks he’s special ?? special at pissing people off and not playing them

Alan Turnbull says:

Wake up he needs a bloody satnav to find a pass nice goal in wc final though

suck my dick says:

Pogba or big rom should be captain

Aftab Bashir says:

Murphy looks like Brain from Pinky and the Brain. Saying that Redknapp has similar features to Pinky!

What’s 9 plus 10 says:

Why do women have to talk about football I mean I know it’s sexist but I can stand it they literally have no idea about football like just go talk about your own shitty women’s football

Batman Bro says:

I hate hearing people say he needs to play for United the way he did for France, guess what idiots, pogba has put in 10 good performances as good as or better than what he has for France but 10 good performances don’t win you a title, fuking clowns

Jay Skilton says:

Subscribe to my channel people :]

natiogadembiznis says:

It's just like Mourinho said. At the World Cup, each game is "now or never" . Pogba had motivation for each game, and he showed up for the game. At United it's a bit harder to find motivation every game. When you play Bournemouth on a Sunday and afterwards you need to play Burnley, those aren't really motivational games.

marlon blackwood says:

you people are the ones that bring Pogba down' the guy his a legend?

Gareth Mason says:

Im a UTD fan and I want him gone. We need a,manager who will let the players play attacking football. We use to have gary neville run past beckham on the wings etc, people getting forward. UTD players look like they don't want to be there. Martial and Rashford could be deadly and yet he don't use them properly. He has to go in my eyes.

Tobi ___ says:

If modric leaves Real Madrid pogba should go Madrid

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