[DOCUMENTARY] FC Barcelona 2017 US Tour

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kosmonaut says:

ooooooooh my god i Think i saw messi at 33 56 i juuuuuuust cant Believe it

Ali S says:

If Messi retires, I would stop watching Football. He's the reason I love football, not only because he's the best player out there but also because he's very humble and is a genuine player. He doesn't dive, doesn't cheat like all the players.

Guerra says:

I would love to go to a El Classico game, even though im a Atletico fan

Marie4248lovey says:

This is driving me crazy all week – what is the name of the song at 20:22 and continues at 21:19? Even by words i can't find it((( HELP!

Felicia Ang says:

rakitic ?

Alpha and Omega says:

What was that advanced electronic brazzeir thing that Ineista has on at 16:53?

Carmen B. says:

does anyone know the name of the song at 20:22?

SuperGamerLuke - Gaming says:

7:10 lol

AndroidTec says:

7:29 Neymar PUTO

R Y says:

12.29 where they hint Coutinho move loool crazy thou 2018

Admiral Aladeen says:

80% of fans there are not american

jinzologisch says:


that's the commitment! wrong jersey, but right commitment 😉

21Chicken Swings says:

They are coming to Dallas where I live this summer. I’m gonna go watch it. Thank you barcelona for making dreams come true.

Krisha Fronda says:

7:02 neymarr! ? lol. ❤

qusai al halabi says:

My boi likes game of thrones

l'origine pogba says:

le collectif des catalan fait mal au autre

mukul chaudhary says:

potential ufo at 0:24 …. where's neil degrasse tysonn???

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