FC Barcelona All Goals | 2013-2014 | HD

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The Boss says:

Love how the defence just cba in the first vid

Bernardo Ribeiro says:

That season was sad?, but in the next season we Won the Treble?

Nasri Ahmed says:

Iam Madrid fan but Barcelona was. Best in befor 4last years

OnE PiEcE says:

This was bad season, and bad manager. But still good

Neftali Arellano says:

good music tho

Neftali Arellano says:

nvr mind, I saw the name in the description.

Neftali Arellano says:

I like that soundtrack, what is it called?



Tyler Durden says:

bullshit season

The Real Deal says:

Can You please make a full video of goals from seansen 14/15?

Paulina Paulino says:

Barcelona is better than real Madrid

Qais Amali says:

Visca El Barca!!

Leonardo Moraga says:

el mejor gol es el de alexis al madrid!!

arek6969 says:

Over 100goals squeezed in 15min. ? Lol

Seriously? says:

what the name of this song 4:32

VojtechFootball CZE says:

Amazing work ! ♥

haithem224 says:

Loan ALL the la masia players excluding Marc Bartra IF you're going to play him, dont keep him and just keep him on the bench. Sanchez is a good player but he just isn't Barcelona quality, even the way he plays isn't the Barcelona way. Song needs to leave, and don't even get me started with how terrible the bench is.

Daniel Lopez says:

Don't do Madrid not worth the time maybe you can do best team moments

Aper says:

Sanchez NEEDS to stay, Pedro to loan, Tello and Afellay some interchanging playing time. Neymar stays obviously. Mascherano had a good game vs Atleti.

nayrad m says:

Please do real Madrid. Great vid btw

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