FC Barcelona Football Stadium Tour

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Visit the home of FC Barcelona with a football stadium tour.
Walk in the footsteps of your favorite Barcelona football players at Camp Nou, the FC Barcelona stadium. Tour the museum to discover the history of this legendary team and see where the magic happens as you walk out onto the field.

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Ed Evans says:

Ha Ha Ha Camp Nou? Nou Camp champ.

Codswallop says:

American guy wants hotdog

Idlafir Idlafir0258 says:

kenapa neymar jr pindah ke psg

Hrach Andranyan says:

real madrid

blog yutube r says:

neymar soy tu numero uno tengo tus guayos originales tengo tu peinado tengo el uniforme original

التميمي ايمن says:

ربي الحلقة

david maghiar says:

hu barcelona

Sebastián Fernández yo canto mucho esto says:

visca el barca

DI7ANI 305 says:

اركد فديتك

Pejuang Dunia says:

went to the stadium in May 2015

Renato Majsec says:

Visça el Barça <3 !

Renato Majsec says:

Visça el Barça <3 !,

rigos704 says:

This man is a savage. Calling out Ramos

Samiul Syed says:

The stadium are large

julio gonzalez says:

Busca barca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darren Park says:

Dude this is like totally awesome yeah.
I watched a game here once and they had some totally cool offense play man, Messi kicked three goalshots in one period man

Aldo Limón says:

Dude, you have the best work ever.

alisha moreland says:

Soccer shoes oh my days there football boots

International Oppa says:

NOT famous in the USA. That is because Americans have their own football (American style) league. I have never heard of this stadium. But of course, a European has never heard of Lucas Oil Field (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA).

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