Dani Alves goes down escalator head first ahead of Champions League final

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How about this for an entrance? Watch Barcelona’s Dani Alves enter the Olympiastadion in style ahead of the Champions League final against Juventus.

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Smash says:

The parody made by 442oons was awesome

Sameer Sameer Khan says:

Good thing there wasn't any injuries

Pramit Dey says:

How many have given more attention to Neymar than Alves

Flame Skull says:

That escalatrd quickly

Betelgeuse Gaming says:

Looks like neymar is giving it to him up the rear, that facial expression on alves' face says it all.

Dark Eldo says:

He really like that position when he's alone with Neymar

Geissbockking_11 says:

Neymar juckte nicht

amrit bhattarai says:

And look at his concentration! Lol

Luke_LFC says:

Neymar wears a bra?

pom pom says:


fen club REAL MADRID Santiago bernabeo says:


Clan Gravity says:

Sub for a sub

big carp catcher says:

Neymar in the crop top wot the fuck haha

XxCrystal_Stars Xx says:

I would be shi*t scared 😱 because I’m afraid my hands would slip and I would fuck up ………

David Jacobs says:

this is how nobody will pass you

NJP31 says:

Why is he so angry

r83 games says:

Neymar weres a bra

binit gir says:

Every one can do that our parents don't let us because it's dangerous not a big dell daaaaaa

Yeet Swag says:

Neymar's like "oh myyyy 😏"

PussyHunter720 PussyDestroyer666 says:

look neymar got a fucking boob job

Shujinko the lord of spears says:

To do that it take a lot of strength from Alves

Zakeya Afzalþ says:

Stupid Alves why would someone do that what he just did?

Zakeya Afzalþ says:

Stupid Alves why would someone do that what he just did

Qandil kakka says:

One of my favourite player in the world is dani Alves

Tipsyy says:

0:18 what did Neymar say?

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