Golazo de Coutinho (2-0) FC Barcelona vs Deportivo Alavés

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Golazo de Coutinho (2-0) FC Barcelona vs Deportivo Alavés J01 LaLiga Santander 2018/2019

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Alex .Tena says:

You can't have "Coutinho" and "Ugly Goal" in the same sentence.

LeFuska says:

The Best Midfielder

SrtaLozano returns says:

que grandee❤❤

Stephanos Parcci says:

Coutinhio is the best Brazilian player. 🙏🙏

João Silveira says:

We, as spectators cannot perceive the small things. It looks easy, he cut inside and shoot. But if we could see it closely, we would realize how coutinho deceived the defenders. Look at his marker, it's ridiculous, the guy goes to the opposite side as coutinho pretended he was going to pass alba, then he uses the movement of the second marker and goes to the opposite side. And puff, like magic he appears in the penalty mark, free, unmarked and with time to shoot. That's his game, a baller.

KBFootball says:

Coutinho melhor do mundo

Minha opinião não me xinguem

Zuleyka Valdez says:

Faltaba un 7 serio en el barsa🔥🤘😎

Ismael Gomes says:

Coutinho só faz golaço mano CRC mito

Iván Ferrer says:

Coutinho > Neymar

Yuri says:

Coutinho is the best left-winger in the world. Much better than Neymar. Finishes better from inside and outside, better ball control, better passing, better crosses, better vision, better IQ, more humble, better team player, loses the ball with much less frequency and is more decisive in big games. If anyone watched Brazil in the World Cup, will know Coutinho saved Brazil all games. Without him, they wouldn't even pass through the group-stage. And he passed the ball to R.Augusto to score against Belgium (1-2), and passed to him again to tie the game (2-2) but he missed it in an incredible miss. It's a shame he couldn't play last UCL. Without Neymar, and with Coutinho, Messi can dream about winning the Champions League again. 2014-15 UCL was an edition where Suárez and Messi were unbelievable (Neymar scored a lot of goals, but all of them at the end of games when it was already decided by Messi and Suárez). But as a rule, Neymar is shit. Coutinho now gives Barça a bright future.

Bele Flores Flores says:

Dembele coutinho mesi jordi alba solo falta un buen killer

BSS Football11 says:

Brazilians doing the work.

Free Gentleman says:

Pase de arthur 💙

Victor Tirado says:

Phantom Coutinho7⚽💨👻

Daniel Oliveira says:

Gol de crack

Grêmio FBPA says:

Que golazo 🇧🇷

Eluteria Salvador says:

Better than ozil

Fenix Xiang says:

El estado animico es importante de un jugador, no crean que por que tiene talento siempre va a ganar, en Argentina se siente presionado por todos y al jugador crean o no, le cuesta jugar asi, muchas cosas se ponen en juego cada ves que juega en la seleccion, Si el jugador se siente incomodo en el equipo no funcionaria, Por eso Bilardo controlaba mucho a sus jugadores hasta se metia en sus vidas, para hacerlo sentir mejor y unido al equipo y hacerlo saber que es importante lo que esta haciendo, creando vinculo dentro del todo el plantel, pero hoy es muy diferente….

barcelonista 1899 says:

Germán García | Goles | FC Barcelona 3-0 Deportivo Alavés | La Liga | Audio RNE 18/8/2018 ⚽️📻📱💻

Futtmaniatix says:

Pase de arthur..

Trần David says:

Sao mặc đồ khác rồi

brayan beteta says:

Eso no es un gol es una obra de arte

Cruz Angel says:

Philippe Coutinho es único la agarra y la revienta (el mejor 9 Luis Suárez tiene que aprovechar cada oportunidad que se le presente de gol ya que el Barcelona tiene muchas opciones de Gol)

Xavi Corcoles says:

Hay que arreglar el cesped 😡

Driss Zyani says:

El equipo esta bien .el problema es Valverde. No el mejor tecnico por hacer a ganar Barça en champion 's league.

Mr.Spumma says:

Dios Philipe Coutinho

Gunther Red says:

y serresiete donde esta serresiete

Barça legacy football says:

Que pelotasso no

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