Barcelona Jersey 2012 – Nike

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Nike unveils the 2012 Barcelona jersey and uniform.


Dzastynas says:

Who cares what the fuck sponsors it. Just because it has something with Arabs, you fuckers try hating. Dirty little racist bitches. Barcelona could play in whatever jersey, they will still the best.

Dzastynas says:

HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, biggest joke I heard in months.

Madness Town says:

@manmachined must be talking about unicef, well Barcalona sponsers them for free. thats why real madrid is the richer club.

ka5iv says:

I'd like jersey 2010/2011 more than 2011/2012

jonathan tecum says:

Got the jersey

TimBuffalo says:

@whyrito233 hahahha all based on shirt sponsor? who won the CL this year? who won La liga this year? .. that's right 😉

Renz Rodrigo says:

Why the fuck is Messi not here?

Jamison Sturdevant says:

If it still said unicef id love the jerseys but the Qatar foundation ruins it

Goran Uroić says:

How can a non profit organization pay 125 million pounds to Barcelona for having trheir name on their shirts?

Goran Uroić says:

Well they didnt have anything on their shirts for a long time and that was cool, if you ask me. I thought all right not everything is for sale. And that they had stat unicef sign and that was even more cool. And now they sold out. I dont think its wrong but now they are just another team.

enjoitheworld416 says:

@manmachined They are a professional sports team not a band. All sports teams are sell outs. At least Barcelona "sold out" to the best athletics corporation in the world.

ivp110 says:

LOL @ Qatar Foundation

thumbs up if you think it ruined the design.

Claus Dicovskiy says:

i like it…

Goran Uroić says:

They sold out. What a shame.

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